I'm mostly just trying to quote Adele
Tue Mar 14, 2017 01:20

“Well... if it was you, I wouldn’t want you to feel unsafe.”

Francine smiled. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. This was progress. He got the threat of the situation, at least a little bit. The way he caught himself, too, and offered apology for it was progress too, she thought. But what Lucien said made sense with him. He was a smart boy, and because he didn’t understand Holland, he was evidently unable to go with their preferences. That was… well, still bad, but it was an issue that could be solved, maybe.

“It isn’t logical to you,” she repeated. “Okay. So. Let’s fix that. I mean, we’re in the library.” Francine gestured around with her free hand, the other still tucked lovingly in Lucien’s. “Let’s look it up. There’s books on it. Or we can use the computer lab, and there’s a lot of stuff about this online. Maybe then it’ll make more sense to you.”

The Cetus bit her lip. This was the harder part. “But even if it doesn’t makes sense to you after we look it up,” Francine said seriously, “You really, really have to stop misgendering Holland. Okay? Even if it doesn’t seem logical to you, does it hurt anyone to just… do it? It’s really important to me. To them,” she amended quickly. She didn’t want him to do it for her per se, although the notion was romantic. She wanted him to do it because it was right.

“You like learning,” she said softly, moving closer to him, her other hand settling on his bicep. She squeezed his hand again. “So let’s learn about this together. I don’t know everything, either. So where do you want to start?

  • Are you trying to pull me back down? - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 00:07
    When Francine reached towards him, he reacted automatically, pulling his hand free of his trouser pockets to wrap it around hers. She believed him. She believed him. Finally, out of this entire... more
    • I'm mostly just trying to quote Adele - Francine, Tue Mar 14 01:20
      • That may be a more admirable goal - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 17:23
        Lucien had read up a little on gender stuff before now. The topic hadn’t been remotely relevant in his life until his third year, which was when Holland arrived at RMI; subsequently, his trips for... more
        • I'm nothing if not admirable. - Francine, Tue Mar 14 20:52
          Francine was, as almost anyone knew, not really a big reader. If it was a really good story, then she could get into it, but if she wasn’t super in love with it, she had to drag herself through. She... more
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