Armaan Bansal
Working so hard, yup
Thu Jan 12, 2017 03:35

The new librarian was a stickler for rules, and Armaan loved it. It made the naps he took in the library that much more satisfying. Grinning to himself, the sixth year sauntered over to the fireplace farthest away from the circulation desk and carelessly dropped his bag to the floor. Heíd had a wonderfully lazy summer and the only way he was going to get back into the school routine was through strategic napping. With a quick shove, he made two armchairs face each other, creating an admittedly short but comfortable bed for him to sleep on. This inadvertently ended up blocking access to some books and a nearby table, but that wasnít his problem. With rows of bookshelves featuring dense research behind him, the only way someone would find him was if they came to this nook for a specific reason.

As much as RMI was home, Armaan felt it was time for him to get on with life in the real world. Magizoobotany? Potions? Defense Against the Dark Arts? He was never going to need to know any of that stuff as an adult, especially at the advanced level. The Wizarding World was great and all, but Armaan was an artist and his plans didnít include casting spells and working an office job.

He was going to be the greatest rock star the world had ever seen.

Rhiya, his sister, always rolled her eyes when he made statements like that but she had terrible taste in music, so what did she know? Itís important for an artist to be confident. And Armaan had been building up that confidence for the past several years. Who knew? He might not even come back to RMI next year. His dad had an apartment in Los Angeles he could crash at for a while until he got a band organized. It would be so easy.

The Aquila stretched out on the couch then grabbed some empty papers from his bag, scattering them around haphazardly. If anyone asked, heíd been working hard on an assignment and had fallen asleep from exhaustion. He pulled his dark green beanie over his eyes and moments later was emitting small snores as his mind drifted to dreams of glory.

    • Why don't you go "work hard" somewhere else? - Nalo Darsha, Fri Jan 13 22:48
      Nalo didnít like interacting with people. Thatís why he went to the library. Books didnít pry, and werenít terribly unpredictable. Sure they had their twists and turns, their surprises. But for the... more
      • I'm comfortable here, thanks. - Armaan Bansal, Wed Jan 18 14:17
        The secret passageways were dark and surprisingly claustrophobic. Armaan had never felt uncomfortable roaming them, but he had the distinct feeling something was coming after him, and the tunnel was... more
        • Well I'm not, thanks. - Nalo, Sun Jan 22 13:44
          Nalo gawked as the boy simply rolled his hat back over his eyes and waved him away. Had he not been clear? He had thought he had asked rather politely in fact. He could feel himself getting flustered ... more
          • Well that's too bad - Armaan, Fri Feb 3 18:42
            Armaan groaned as the kid started talking once more. All he wanted was to have a quick nap in the library. That was it. Why did that have to be so difficult? The sixth-year sighed the deepest of... more
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