I'm nothing if not admirable.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 20:52

Francine was, as almost anyone knew, not really a big reader. If it was a really good story, then she could get into it, but if she wasn’t super in love with it, she had to drag herself through. She much preferred media that was interactive, like video games, so that it felt like she was participating in something instead of being told a story. Francine liked doing.

However, she was more than happy to crack open books with Lucien, especially right now. “That sounds perfect,” she smiled to his compromise a moment ago, followed by a quick peck on the cheek, and now they were scavenging through the appropriate section of the library for related information. Francine picked up and put down the first few books she checked, but after a bit, she found one that seemed like maybe it would have something of interest. But before she scanned it much, she paused. “Hey,” she said softly. “This is good. I’m really proud of you.” Satisfied, she checked the book’s table of contents for help and skipped to the best sounding chapter.

Francine was quiet for a moment, reading and thinking and deciding. She imagined she read a lot slower than he did, so perhaps it took a while longer. “Hey, look at this,” she called to regain Lucien’s attention. The book she had found listed historical examples of additional genders, and this particular chapter seemed to be about the Bugis,the people of Sulawesi, who apparently had five genders: the male, the female, the calalai (physiological females who lived like males), the calabai (the opposite), and the bissu (a separate gender that was sort of a combination of the rest and yet its own distinct thing). And that was only one culture, one section. This was a helpful book.

“What do you think?” she asked optimistically. “It’s really, really different from what we know, but it’s there and it’s real.”

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  • That may be a more admirable goal - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 17:23
    Lucien had read up a little on gender stuff before now. The topic hadn’t been remotely relevant in his life until his third year, which was when Holland arrived at RMI; subsequently, his trips for... more
    • I'm nothing if not admirable. - Francine, Tue Mar 14 20:52
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