Currently, just a conversation.
Fri Mar 17, 2017 17:22

Russell didn’t often know what to expect of other people. That wasn’t exactly surprising; far from it. His social circle was extremely limited, possibly to the extent that it could not really be called social at all. Still, he quickly concluded that the younger boy’s reaction to him was pretty far off anything he might have expected. Kneeling down beside him? Okay, he could live with it, although he would have preferred to keep his larger-than-average personal space bubble. But actually taking him completely seriously and offering up suggestions for feeding his homework?

He stared, perplexed, as the younger boy continued on. Okay, he was taking this way past feeding homework. They were now on feeding books. Well, then. Russell had encountered a couple weird books in the library so far. There was one that had begun reciting all its content out loud, which actually had the potential to be pretty helpful since it saved him from having to focus his eyes on the too-reflective white paper except the voice it was reciting in had a very thick, vaguely Russian accent and he couldn’t understand more than a few words at a time. There had been another that coughed dust on him when he opened it, which seemed to have no useful purpose. But he hadn’t yet found any that actually ate things. Was that even possible?

Waffling over how best to calm the kid down, Russell sighed to himself. If the younger boy was this worried about books getting fed properly, surely he wouldn’t turn him in to the librarian for feeding a mouse in the library, because, well, mice were animals that actually needed food. Right? Hopefully. “Actually, I was feeding Jaws.” He lifted up the sheet of paper and was relieved to see the black mouse blinking up at them with its cutest expression, half an almond still held in tiny paws and nose twitching. No one could resist a cute animal. Right? Hopefully. “Um, I thought maybe you’d turn me in for having an animal in the library. Not that it’s really wrong... I think. But uh, well, if you’d really feed books with other books just to keep them healthy and safe and stuff, then you won’t turn my mouse in.” His tone of voice was less demand, more pleading. “‘Cause it’s for his own benefit, you see, I mean, there are cats everywhere.”

  • What're We Having, Then? - Hunter Ioma, Mon Mar 13 22:55
    The older boy stared at Hunter. With the sunglasses on, that was super effective. ”Yes. It's... hungry. Hunter’s eyes went wide. That was somehow exactly what he had expected, but that didn't make it ... more
    • Currently, just a conversation. - Russell, Fri Mar 17 17:22
      • Is it a Tasty Conversation? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 14:22
        ”Actually, I was feeding Jaws.” The boy moved a paper and there was a little black mouse eating a nut or something with a super cute twitchy nose thing that mice did going on. A light clicked on in... more
        • It's... interesting. - Russell, Sat Mar 18 16:14
          It would definitely be awful if Jaws got eaten. The boy seemed excessively concerned about grades, though, which Russell was confused by. Yeah, there was a possibility that if Jaws got eaten, he... more
          • As Long as We Don't Have to Eat Our Words - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 19:15
            ”Nah, it’s my Spellwork essay." Ohhhhh, yeah that made even more sense than mice being magical. No one had explicitly told Hunter that magical animals were kept secret from non-magical people, but he ... more
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