Hunter Ioma
Is it a Tasty Conversation?
Sat Mar 18, 2017 14:22

”Actually, I was feeding Jaws.”

The boy moved a paper and there was a little black mouse eating a nut or something with a super cute twitchy nose thing that mice did going on. A light clicked on in Hunter’s brain.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, your homework is a mouse! That makes a lot more sense.”

Hunter spread his robe out behind him so he could sit more comfortably as the older boy went on to explain why he hadn’t immediately told Hunter all the details of his homework assignment. Hunter hadn’t been expecting him to so he wasn’t sure why the boy was explaining but that was fine. It sounded like he didn’t want to get in trouble about something which made enough sense to Hunter. He didn’t understand why there shouldn’t be animals in the library or why there shouldn’t be food in the library or how the books would get fed, but he also wasn’t sure anymore if the books needed to be fed so he decided not to worry about any of that.

He’d have to ask Roger later to clarify what books ate.

”I mean, there are cats everywhere.”

Hunter hadn’t really thought about it before but he supposed there were. At least, he had seen at least a few people with cats. Hunter nodded sagely in agreement. “Yeah man don’t want your mouse to get eaten, that would be so awful! Probably would fail the assignment, too.”

The idea of a mouse being a homework assignment in a magic school caught up with Hunter. “Magizoobotony homework, then? I didn’t know mice were magical, but I guess that might explain why people don’t like them even though they’re so cute? I mean… I don’t know if people are prejudiced against magical animals or anything but that would kind of make sense, you know?”

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    • Is it a Tasty Conversation? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 14:22
      • It's... interesting. - Russell, Sat Mar 18 16:14
        It would definitely be awful if Jaws got eaten. The boy seemed excessively concerned about grades, though, which Russell was confused by. Yeah, there was a possibility that if Jaws got eaten, he... more
        • As Long as We Don't Have to Eat Our Words - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 19:15
          ”Nah, it’s my Spellwork essay." Ohhhhh, yeah that made even more sense than mice being magical. No one had explicitly told Hunter that magical animals were kept secret from non-magical people, but he ... more
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