Sara de Alba
Just here...
Sat Apr 1, 2017 18:16

Stupid spellwork. Stupid classes. Stupid school!

Sara was having trouble with her academics which wasn't really that surprising considering how distracted the eleven-year old could be. The months had passed and she was in the brink of failing some of her classes, but her ego was pushing her hard to turn that around. She knew it wasn't going to be easy, but she was going to succeed. There was no other option. She angrily sighed as she claimed a free table inside the library.

She sighed again. Her eyes wandered around the Library to find students scattered around studying or doing things in complete silence. The library wasn't her favorite place to be. It was too silent? Too creepy? Too eerie? Sara could not pinpoint why being here just felt wrong. But here she was going over the extra work Professor McKindy had given her to try and catch up with everyone else. The Lyra had mixed feelings about the extra work, one part of her was sort of happy the Professor cared enough to help, but the other part was annoyed at the notion of even MORE work. Sara looked at her bag with a frown on her face like the bag had insulted her and her whole family.


It took a minute for the eleven-year old to finally muster the courage to open the bag and slowly, but surely grabbing everything she needed to tackle the extra work she needed to give Professor McKindy. She was finally ready. Sara had her notebook, her pens and blank paper to start this. She opened the notebook and began going over the notes she had taken during her classes.

What the heck has she written? Sara groaned at the scribbles she could barely read and began rewriting them. Why was she like this? It wasn't that hard to just do what she had to do in order to be a good student. It just took too much effort.

Sara continued writing, but she clumsily elbowed a pencil case that ended on the floor. She sighed and got out of the chair to retrieve. She ended up hitting someone as she did do.

“I am sorry,” she apologized. “Are you okay?”

    • I'm usually here - Rose Farnon, Mon Apr 3 05:01
      Spending a lot of time in the library was kind of Rose Farnon’s thing. She could often be found sitting at one of the tables in the back of the library muttering furiously at a goblet she’d swiped... more
      • That's kind of boring... - Sara, Tue Apr 4 17:02
        “No,” Sara replied loudly before even thinking about it. She was having the worst time trying to understand the spell Professor McKindy was teaching them and that was causing her a lot of pent up... more
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