Rose Farnon
I'm usually here
Mon Apr 3, 2017 05:01

Spending a lot of time in the library was kind of Rose Farnon’s thing. She could often be found sitting at one of the tables in the back of the library muttering furiously at a goblet she’d swiped from the dining hall or staring pointedly at a beetle that was caged within a makeshift barrier of books. This semester had seen a lot more of the glaring than the muttering as Rose attempted to master wandless and nonverbal magic so she could get on with the process of becoming an Animagus. Holland and Danny were working on their Animagus lessons too and Rose could have practiced with them, but she chose not to. It was in part because she genuinely focused better on her own, and partially because her competitive side wanted her to be the first one to successfully transform. It wasn’t exactly rough going but it was definitely a challenge, particularly as Rose’s strongest aspect of Spellwork was Charms, rather than transfig.

So there she was in the library, running a hand distractedly through blonde hair as she stared at the spool of thread in front of her, willing it to turn into a coil of ribbon. The ribbon she was aiming for was crimson, with gold trimming, and kind of translucent. So far Rose had ended up with something a little puce in color. The fifth year sighed and tapped her wand against the ribbon, muttering the appropriate spell to turn it back into a spool of thread. She could manage this thoughtlessly with her wand, but without it - ugh. Rose couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this frustrated with Spellwork.

Maybe a walk around the library would help.

Rose slid her stuff into her bag, which was patterned with paisley owls, and placed the bag on her seat. It had an anti-theft charm on it, so she wasn’t concerned about someone taking it. She mostly trusted her other students, but did know that there were some fellow Aquilas in the library and didn’t want to take too many chances. Rose stretched and began to meander through the shelves, trying to clear her head. After a few minutes she felt better and more prepared to try the spell again, so she wandered back out of the shelves. The Aquila hadn’t been paying attention to where she was going, and had somehow managed to end up on the other side of the library. She turned on her heel, intending to walk through the study areas to get back to her own table, when someone bumped into her. It wasn’t a very hard bump; Rose was mostly surprised.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” Rose said to the obviously younger student with a laugh. She bent down to retrieve the pencil case on the floor, presumably the reason the kid had bumped into her. “Here you go. Are you okay?”

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