That's kind of boring...
Tue Apr 4, 2017 17:02

“No,” Sara replied loudly before even thinking about it. She was having the worst time trying to understand the spell Professor McKindy was teaching them and that was causing her a lot of pent up stress and anger at herself. Why couldn't she easily grasp the concepts exposed during class? She sighed and looked up at the much older student in front of her. She grabbed the pencil case offered to her, “Thank you,” she replied still looking at the older girl. Sara blinked and looked down to her feet for a minute before looking up again. She was glad the other girl was okay.

“I´m having trouble with spellwork,” she blurted out again. Something inside of Sara clenched at the idea of requiring help. It angered her a bit to know that she could not do this by herself. However, if she wanted to pass the class she needed help. Maybe the older girl could be of assistance? She hoped she could because confessing her academic trouble to someone else would be embarrassing, and her parents would not like if she somehow managed to fail any classes. Failing was not part of any plan. She grumbled internally.

Her eyes kept staring at the other girl pleading for some help. Sara was desperate to understand what Professor McKindy wanted them to achieve, but she didn't know how. The small Lyra had trouble with her school work, but especially with Spellwork. It was just so confusing! She took a deep breath, “I need help,” she finally said after using every piece of willingness and squashing her ego on the go. “Do you have time to help me?” she asked the complete stranger like her life depended on it. Sara sort of remembered her face, but she had no idea who she was.

“I am Sara, by the way,” she introduced herself a little bit more seriously than she should have. The first-year stretched her hand to the older girl. Sara smiled a bit at the other girl and tried to relax despite the internal turmoil that was sweeping her brain. There was no other choice, really. It was a get help or die trying to cast spells kind of situation. A bit dramatic, but not really.

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    Spending a lot of time in the library was kind of Rose Farnon’s thing. She could often be found sitting at one of the tables in the back of the library muttering furiously at a goblet she’d swiped... more
    • That's kind of boring... - Sara, Tue Apr 4 17:02
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