Stella E.A. Ramiro
You can't spell culture without (oc)cult!
Sat Apr 29, 2017 17:10

Small, delicate fingers grasped the corner of the turn right before the library while a small jungle of pretty blonde hair, a button nose, and a pair of bright blue eyes slightly stuck out of it, observing the view in front of them. The coast seemed to be clear for the most part- not many students willingly allowed themselves to be awake early on the weekend. Taking a small intake of air, Stella stepped out from behind her hiding place and cringed as a strand of hair fell into her line of sight. She quickly moved it behind her ear and audibly groaned as she pulled a sign of weakness hair tie out of her pocket and hastily made a messy bun.

While Stella respected individuals that took time out of their day to look pretty, the idea of getting "dolled up" was as ludicrous to her as it was deplorable. She had no reason to look pretty, especially not for any boy who'd take it the wrong way anyway. But she had to act direly in these trying times. During the Halloween party she asked an older classmate (she couldn't remember her name, but could remember her face) to temporarily change her hair color to something more ominous, but the spell only made her black hair dye completely come off, revealing her natural hair color.

She hated that she had to be born so-so-so...girly. The idea that she was born with a socially pre-determined handicap infuriated her- no one would take someone with gorgeous blonde hair, and astonishing blue eyes seriously. Her genetics were some type of beacon or distress signal that yelled "Help, I'm a damsel in distress!" Damsel in distress my ass, she thought angrily to herself.

The fact of the matter was that when her mother found out that Stella's normal hair was back, she thought it would be a good idea to conveniently forget all the requests Stella made for more hair dye. Stella hadn't seen the girl from the party in weeks so she couldn't ask her to change it back, and she wouldn't trust any other fiends to mess up her hair further. She had coped until then by wearing her cloak all the way up so her hair was hidden, but it was getting hotter and she was getting more and more frustrated. That's why she decided to go to the library to see if she could find anyway to fix it herself.

Sneakily, she crept past the early birds who had gotten there before her and ran to the shelf with spellbooks. She decided she would start with the section on curses to see if there were any "convenient" ones she could use on herself. She was determined to make her hair black again even if that means smelling like smoke or having a third eye or something- it'd be better than this. She pulled out one with a big purple cover, but as she did she made direct eye contact with a person taking a book from the opposite side of the shelf. Her nostrils flared and her eyes formed themselves into a glaring squint. She quickly put another book in front of her so that the other person's view would be blocked and tried to nonchalantly make it to a secluded part of the library so she could read, except, except-

She could still feel the same pair of eyes looking at her. She swiftly turned and with a very grumpy attitude spoke. "What, what is it? You keep looking at me, is there something in my face? Do you wanna take a picture or something? What is it?" she demanded.

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