Claudia Dubois
Your interests lie in culture?
Tue May 2, 2017 16:32

Claudia much preferred RMI in the early mornings, when there were fewer people around. Her two least favourite things about school were that she missed her family, and that there were far too many people around all the time. The second year was lucky enough to have her own room in Cetus - she really didn’t think she’d be able to survive if she had to share with anyone - and everyone always said that RMI was such a small school, but the presence and proximity of people was never ending and unrelenting in the daylight hours. Even the library - a sanctity of calm and reason in the cacophony of mayhem the rest of the school represented - was best attended early in the morning on a weekend, when the majority of the student body was still in bed.

Today Claudia was working on a DADA assignment that too her too close to the curses section of the library for her liking, especially when she removed a book from the shelf to find another person staring at her from the other side. She was sure she physically jumped, her heart racing even as her reason kicked in to reassure her that it was just another student in the library, looking for textbooks on curses, not anything to be worried about (although arguably another student checking out books on curses was potentially something to be worried about). Tucking her selected textbook under her arm, Claudia tried to calm her breathing and reminded herself that her own brown eyes peering through the shelf were probably just as alarming to the possessor of the piercing blue eyes that had been looking back at her.

The second year absently made her way to a table out of the way - she much preferred the more secluded areas of the library - her right hand, unencumbered by the textbook, was twisting the end of her shoulder-length dark blonde braid in an effort to prevent her from biting her fingernails. She had managed to grow the to a reasonable length and had asked Holland to paint them a subtly shimmering pale gold to further deter any nibbling habits. There was already someone sitting where Claudia would have liked to sit, however, so she deliberated for just a moment on whether to sit there, anyway, or find somewhere else, when the younger girl started attacking her verbally.

“What?” Claudia responded immediately, before her thoughts had chance to catch up with her elevated heart-rate; it had barely had chance to calm from its previous acceleration. “I just wanted - I didn’t mean,” Claudia stammered inarticulately. The girl was distinctly familiar, but then again not familiar at all. This excursion to the library was already far more eventful than Claudia had been anticipating. To avoid staring at the girl, Claudia’s eyes had instead diverted to the purple book she had chosen. Or, it was still partly purple. Distracted by the occurrence, and remembering from which section of the library the book had been procured, Claudia paled a little as she quietly asked, “Did you know your textbook is changing color?”

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    Small, delicate fingers grasped the corner of the turn right before the library while a small jungle of pretty blonde hair, a button nose, and a pair of bright blue eyes slightly stuck out of it,... more
    • Your interests lie in culture? - Claudia Dubois, Tue May 2 16:32
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