Nalo Darsha
Why don't you go "work hard" somewhere else?
Fri Jan 13, 2017 22:48

Nalo didn’t like interacting with people. That’s why he went to the library. Books didn’t pry, and weren’t terribly unpredictable. Sure they had their twists and turns, their surprises. But for the most part, they offered a stable, one sided conversation that left him feeling comforted rather than anxious.

He had long since read the required textbooks for class, and his desire for more had lead him to the library everyday now. Normally, he was left undisturbed. If he had to interact with others, it was usually a brief “excuse me “ before he reached for a book.

Today, the front of the library was abnormally full. He didn’t mind. He liked sitting towards the back, amongst the nooks and crannies. He walked down the tall walls and bookshelves, running his hands along the spines. They varied in color, some red, some blue, some broken in and others brand new.

The smell of the library brought a sense of peace. It was the smell of old paper and leather, of rainy nights all alone under a blanket, reading by flashlight late into the early morning.

He walked towards his usual spot, a wall of books full of old, strangely specific topics. They had intrigued him enough to come back over and over. Yesterday, the area had been completely bare, so when a lazy, quiet snore suddenly rumbled through the air, he nearly jumped out of his robes. He peaked over the edge of the bookcase and his face fell.

A boy, an upperclassman, lay between two armchairs, outstretched and limbs in a disarray. Of course, he had chosen a spot that completely blocked the books behind him. And the table too.

Nalo did not like interacting with people. And this was a perfect example of why.

He marched over to the chairs, crossing his arms and furrowing his brow in irritation. He cleared his throat, standing right over the upperclassmen's head. The boy continued to drone on, some spit starting to travel down his chin. Nalo cleared his throat louder. The boy’s snores hitched in surprise, his nap finally interrupted.

“I don’t know if you’re aware but you’re blocking an entire area off,“ Nalo said. “If you wanted to sleep, you should’ve gone to your dorm.”

It seemed like common sense to him.

  • Working so hard, yup - Armaan Bansal, Thu Jan 12 03:35
    The new librarian was a stickler for rules, and Armaan loved it. It made the naps he took in the library that much more satisfying. Grinning to himself, the sixth year sauntered over to the fireplace ... more
    • Why don't you go "work hard" somewhere else? - Nalo Darsha, Fri Jan 13 22:48
      • I'm comfortable here, thanks. - Armaan Bansal, Wed Jan 18 14:17
        The secret passageways were dark and surprisingly claustrophobic. Armaan had never felt uncomfortable roaming them, but he had the distinct feeling something was coming after him, and the tunnel was... more
        • Well I'm not, thanks. - Nalo, Sun Jan 22 13:44
          Nalo gawked as the boy simply rolled his hat back over his eyes and waved him away. Had he not been clear? He had thought he had asked rather politely in fact. He could feel himself getting flustered ... more
          • Well that's too bad - Armaan, Fri Feb 3 18:42
            Armaan groaned as the kid started talking once more. All he wanted was to have a quick nap in the library. That was it. Why did that have to be so difficult? The sixth-year sighed the deepest of... more
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