Darlene Knight
Tiny Brit's lament.
Sat Jul 22, 2017 22:53

Dear Emilia,

America is terrible.

Darlene scratched her quill across the parchment grumpily, explaining to her best friend exactly why she found RMI so boring thus far. The biggest, most immediate issue was the company. There was nobody of solid breeding, at least not in her year, as far as she could tell, and she hadn’t had time yet to get much acquaintanceship with the classes directly above, although she’d at least heard of Farnon and Dubois children. But honestly, Darlene could handle ordinary but lower class students. It was just her roommate that was driving her insane.

Hence why she was currently hiding out in the library. Katherine “Kit” Kendrick was such an insufferable chatterbox! It was this happenstance especially that inspired jealousy in Darlene for Emilia’s situation. The eldest Edwards child got to go to a school right there in England and return home at the end of classes, but Darlene got shipped out across an ocean and told, “See you at Christmas.”

Mum said the other Knight girls had all enjoyed their time at RMI, minus a few bumps here and there that she would never go into much detail regarding, but if Darlene’s first few weeks were any indication, she was pretty sure that everyone was lying to her. Olivia had met Demitri here, sure, but what other good had ever really come of this place for her family?

Darlene sighed. Maybe if she had looked at it objectively, she would have seen that it wasn’t so bad here, but she was eleven and very far from home. She missed her mum, and she missed Emilia. The Lyra just wanted to go home.

Please, please, please keep writing. I feel as if it’s all I really have.

Your friend,

She concluded her letter with another resounded sigh. She sat the parchment down to allow the final dots of ink to dry, and in the meantime, she glanced around for the envelop in which she intended to stow it. However, Darlene did not see her envelop anywhere on the table in front of her. Eventually she spied it on the ground a short distance away, just as someone seemed to be bending over to pick it up. “That’s mine,” she said weakly.

    • Poor Tiny Brit - Camilla Baird, Wed Jul 26 12:50
      Being back in classes meant that the blonde Cetus had to actually do homework, and it happened to be one of the most annoying little things that Camilla was required to supply in order to graduate... more
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