Camilla Baird
Poor Tiny Brit
Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:50

Being back in classes meant that the blonde Cetus had to actually do homework, and it happened to be one of the most annoying little things that Camilla was required to supply in order to graduate RMI with good marks. The Cetus had begun the application processes to various magical colleges and she was a bit anxious about being accepted. If push came to shove, she would ask her grandfather for help if her first choice college waitlisted her or even rejected her. Camilla was sure it wouldn't get to that point, but it was nice to know she had a backup plan for that eventuality.

Her relationship with her paternal grandfather was a bit weird and strained, but for whatever reason, Alec Edwards seemed to be open to her existence, which was more than she could say about her actual father, and Camilla had cashed from that in various things during the summer; one of them being a coach that would prevent what happened with Ruben to repeat itself. The blonde had also started getting tutored in wandless and nonverbal magic. Her skills had improved greatly since she had started, but she still had a long way to get to a point where she was comfortable using both.

The Cetus entered the library fully set on completing her Spellwork packet without the hassle of last minute work. Yes, Camilla needed to start being a little bit more responsible and not procrastinate her duties for too long. The blonde set her backpack on the the table nearest the charms and spells area and began looking for the book that would help her finish the incomplete assignment that was currently, still, safely inside her backpack. Camilla began humming to herself while she looked, but something distracted her from finishing her mission. She heard a sigh and saw a girl - a first year? - over a piece of parchment. The Cetus decided, against her better judgement, to go over there, but on her way she saw an envelope on the ground. The Cetus bended over and was about to offer the it to the girl when she did it too.

She took a step back and smiled, “Are you okay?” she asked out of politeness. She really didn't care, but she also remembered how it felt to be away from home for the first time. “Anything I can help with?” She hoped the girl would not needed any assistance, but if she did she would offer it.

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