Hunter Ioma
Is There a Potion of Knowledge of Potions?
Sun Jul 30, 2017 23:17

Hunter was bad at potions, and that was definitely not cool. For a while he had thought he was merely not-good at potions, but no. He was bad at potions. Every time Professor Rob said something it made sense to Hunter… for about five minutes. Then something would go wrong and sometimes explode a little bit and Hunter would have to face the reality that he clearly hadn’t actually ever understood it in the first place.

Which wasn’t so bad. Explosions were fun and usually good for a laugh. But in his last potions lesson his potion hadn’t exploded… it had whispered to him. He hadn’t been quite able to hear what it was saying so he had leaned closer, but all he heard then was several sets of whispers and some very distant shrieking so he tried to lean in even closer.

From what Hunter heard later, he suspected it was roughly around this point that he had aggressively dunked his head into his cauldron of what was supposed to be a color-changing potion, but he didn’t remember that happening. In fact most of the rest of that day was pretty blurry. He did remember trying to get into the Lyra common room later and not being able to because the boils he was covered in kept interrupting the song he was trying to sing with completely different songs, all of which clashed horribly with each other.

It was pretty funny, but definitely not something Hunter wanted to have happen again. It was pretty clear he was missing something fundamental about potions… so he had to learn. He didn’t know how to do that, so the following Saturday he went with his potions book to the potions section of the library and just… started.

After a little while Hunter was spread out between two bookshelves, filling the space with open books including his own potions book, Advanced Potion Making, Fecund and Felicitous Philters, and about a dozen others, not to mention a handful of rolls of parchment with essays written by what Hunter assumed were former students on abstract potion-making concepts.

Hunter understood very little of it, but he figured if he pulled out enough cross-references he’d eventually have to develop some sort of familiarity via osmosis… right?

    • If not, I bet we could invent one! - Remington Burnham, Mon Aug 14 13:02
      Remington had meant to keep track of her reading list a lot better this year, but she wasn’t off to a good start. She’d read so many of the books in the library last year, but she didn’t keep track!... more
      • Wouldn't That Require a Knowledge of Potions? - Hunter Ioma, Tue Aug 22 21:01
        “Hi, Hunter!” Hunter looked up to see Remy standing above him. Like, right above him. As he watched, she pulled a purple book off the shelf, looked at the title, and put it back, all right over his... more
        • Let me Google that for you - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:01
          One of the books seemed to have a spine that shimmered in just the right light. Remington wasn’t much of a gamer, but she did know the joke that if something sparkled in a game, it meant it was... more
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