Remington Burnham
If not, I bet we could invent one!
Mon Aug 14, 2017 13:02

Remington had meant to keep track of her reading list a lot better this year, but she wasn’t off to a good start. She’d read so many of the books in the library last year, but she didn’t keep track! This year, she needed to keep track a lot better. She was already pulling books off the shelf and realizing that she read them as a first year. Re-reading had value, but it wasn’t something she necessarily wanted to do already!

So, the Draco was finishing up her new reading tracker in the library. She had drawn on a piece of sticker paper, which she’d stick to a blank page in her planner when she was done, a bookshelf. In the bookshelf were a bunch of books. She could see the spines or the cover. The cool thing was that she’d drawn the books all blank and without color. Whenever she finished reading a book this year, she’d write the title on one of the blank spines or covers, and then she’d color in the book. It was both relaxing coloring and a functional tracker! She could hang it up at her desk in her room when she was finished.

She’d just finished reading through her textbooks for the upcoming year; that’s what Remington was currently adding in her picture. They’d be the perfect foundation for how her tracking system looked. She finished coloring the spine she added her Spellwork title to in a pretty pink, then gathered all of her flair pens back into her pencil pouch. She closed it and smiled at the satisfying zip sound it made when she pulled the zipper shut.

Now, what was the dark skinned girl going to read next? She wasn’t sure. She hoped she could find a book that caught her eye that she hadn’t already read. Maybe I can find a book on Potions like that spell book Dade and I found last year! Goal in mind, Remington made her way to the Potions section of the library. That’s when she happened upon Hunter.

She and Hunter talked every so often. It was unavoidable, really, when they were in all of the same classes and the same year. Dade didn’t seem to like Hunter very much, but that was also just how Dade was. She’d help him figure out how to be nicer eventually. It was a project worth investing in, for sure. Remington, on the other hand, didn’t mind Hunter at all! She thought it was really cool that he knew a lot about the passageways, and she valued that level of curiosity in other people.

“Hi, Hunter!” She said brightly, reaching above his head for a purple book. For some reason, she had the desire to read something about potions with a really alliterative title, and this one didn’t do it for her. She put it back. “What are you up to here? It looks like a textbook exploded.”

  • Is There a Potion of Knowledge of Potions? - Hunter Ioma, Sun Jul 30 23:17
    Hunter was bad at potions, and that was definitely not cool. For a while he had thought he was merely not-good at potions, but no. He was bad at potions. Every time Professor Rob said something it... more
    • If not, I bet we could invent one! - Remington Burnham, Mon Aug 14 13:02
      • Wouldn't That Require a Knowledge of Potions? - Hunter Ioma, Tue Aug 22 21:01
        “Hi, Hunter!” Hunter looked up to see Remy standing above him. Like, right above him. As he watched, she pulled a purple book off the shelf, looked at the title, and put it back, all right over his... more
        • Let me Google that for you - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:01
          One of the books seemed to have a spine that shimmered in just the right light. Remington wasn’t much of a gamer, but she did know the joke that if something sparkled in a game, it meant it was... more
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