Wyatt Munro
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Tue Aug 22, 2017 19:11

Wyatt Munro had spent his third year learning all that he could. Now as a fourth year he had a full course load but he still kept up his side business. Last year he had expanded into fifth years and this year he expanded into sixth years. He was enjoying the extra work and he especially enjoyed the extra money in his pocket. His mother thought it was great that he helped tutor people she would’ve been mortified to find that he was actually selling homework.

Today Wyatt sat at his normal table in the back of the library. All his work was done for the week and he was waiting for people to pick up their orders. There were just a few left to be picked up so he was enjoying the end of his work day and school week with a few new comics he had picked up on Pearl Street earlier in the week. Friday nights were the best nights for Wyatt. He would stay in the library most of the night before closing up shop until Monday.

The black haired boy sighed as he looked up at the clock. An hour left before curfew, he wondered if the few people left for pickup would just rush him Monday morning before classes. He was often found in the library after eating an early breakfast. He scrunched his nose as he saw an owl flew into the library and dropped a letter onto his table.

He set his comic down and looked at the letter. It was from Frankie! Wyatt tore open the letter and began to read. The fourth year enjoyed the letters from his brother. Frankie was off playing minor league Quidditch. Dad had offered to sign him to his Major league team but Frankie had refused. He wanted to earn his opportunities not be handed them and so, for now, the eldest Munro was a minor league player.

Wyatt was about to read the letter when someone tapped him on his shoulder. “One moment,” he said as he tucked the letter into his books and turned to look at the person who had touched him. “How can I help you?” He asked with that contagious smile all Munro’s seemed to have.

    • Not a customer, just a visitor - Holland Keene, Thu Aug 24 11:13
      Holland clearly hadn’t thought it through when they’d volunteered to take the baby doll on both Friday and Saturday nights. The dorm was louder than normal on the weekends, and Holland’s dorm wasn’t... more
      • Visitors are always welcome - Wyatt, Thu Aug 24 12:27
        Wyatt had turned to see Holland standing behind him with a baby stroller. He kept his smile up as he Holland asked if he was trying to focus. They then explained they were looking for a quiet place... more
        • Thanks for the warm reception - Holland, Thu Aug 24 14:54
          Oh, perfect, Wyatt had his doll, so he totally wouldn’t mind Holland having theirs in the library too. The sixth-year drew their wand, nonverbally transfigured the stroller into a baby bouncer, and... more
          • For you anything. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 11:53
            Wyatt watched as the sixth year proficiently transfigured the stroller into a baby bouncer nonverbally. Though he was still two years off of training in nonverbal magic, he had started to study and... more
            • You’re such a gentleman - Holland, Fri Aug 25 13:44
              Wyatt was apparently not much like his brother. Frankie was really smart and passionate and driven about Quidditch, and he was a salt of the earth kind of guy, but otherwise wasn’t the bookish type.... more
              • I can be. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 14:25
                When Holland said his business was enterprising he grinned, it was the same grin that Frankie and his dad had. His mom called it the Munro grin; it had been part of why she couldn’t say no to Gaston. ... more
                • Well, I appreciate it - Holland, Fri Aug 25 16:24
                  “I agree, that wouldn’t be fair.” That explanation didn’t solve the redundancy of a duplicate library. It was probably possible to do some kind of quantum wizard-space-like spell, so the books could... more
                  • Anytime! - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 10:31
                    Holland agreed that it wouldn’t be fair with the Draco library having books the rest of the school had, and he figured that could be the end of that conversation. After all, without a Draco to tell... more
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