Hunter Ioma
Wouldn't That Require a Knowledge of Potions?
Tue Aug 22, 2017 21:01

“Hi, Hunter!”

Hunter looked up to see Remy standing above him. Like, right above him. As he watched, she pulled a purple book off the shelf, looked at the title, and put it back, all right over his head.

“What are you up to here? It looks like a textbook exploded.”

Hunter blinked. From where he was, he couldn’t see Remy’s bow, or even whether or not she had a bow on today. Hunter had noticed that Remy seemed to have a lot of different bows, which was super cool. Whenever he saw Remy he liked to look at what bow she had on this time. But he thought it would be just a little too awkward if he stood up right now just to look at her bow. Also asking her if he could see her bow definitely didn’t seem right, but Hunter couldn’t figure out exactly why. It would definitely be awkward but maybe it would be a little rude, as well? The idea of asking a girl to show him what she’s wearing just didn’t feel at all right, but he didn’t know why and that bugged him.

Hunter blinked again and realized Remy had asked a question, probably about the sea of textbooks and scrolls he had apparently surrounded himself with. He looked around at them all and blinked a few more times. He wasn’t completely sure how it happened, he realized. He knew he had started with his own textbook and then looked up various subjects he wasn’t entirely clear on. But this was a lot of open books and Hunter had never been particularly studious so this came as a bit of a surprise to him.

He looked back up at Remy. “I’m… not actually sure,” he said slowly. “I think I was trying to teach myself potions, but I don’t think it was working. I already don’t really remember what I was reading about. Something about ‘concoction constituent coactions’, maybe?”

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    • Wouldn't That Require a Knowledge of Potions? - Hunter Ioma, Tue Aug 22 21:01
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