Russell Drew
Running away from Babies. Kind of. [cont from Lecture Hall]
Tue Aug 22, 2017 22:12

He had been fairly certain that Marissa wouldn’t even understand his roundabout and totally gibberish request, but apparently she had, because she not only agreed immediately but also magically summoned up the necessary supplies. Oh, gosh, he appreciated that. Having to interact with Professor Ofosu, who had been nice in other classes but was basically making him feel like his life was imploding today, was not at the top of his interests list right now. And Russell didn’t honestly think he would have been able to hold his wand steadily enough to levitate the box on his own without overshooting and hitting someone or, worse, the ceiling, where the box would probably smash open and drop all its contents. Drawing that amount of attention to their departure escape from the classroom was the exact opposite of what he wanted.

Grabbing the box when it came into arms’ reach and getting to his feet, Russell spared the smallest amount of time possible to confirm that Marissa was bringing their demonic baby with her. He managed a sort of jerky head-bob, which was intended as an affirmative to her instruction that he should lead them out but almost definitely failed in this purpose as he was simultaneously already moving - sliding past the other chairs in their row, starting panickedly when Saad leaned over the aisle with some question about where they were going, picking up his pace up the stairs, forcing himself to push the heavy door open slowly so that it wouldn’t creak. Focusing on the movements of his limbs like this wasn’t a normal conscious behaviour for Russell, but it was keeping him from focusing on his thoughts, so that was helpful.

It felt a little easier to breathe just by getting out into the hallway. He adjusted the box in his hands (it was both lighter and smaller than he had expected, but still an added burden) and then headed around the corner and straight through a tapestry without a second thought, leaving it gently flapping behind him. Once in the passageways, Russell continued on silently for some minutes. His pace slowed partway through as it occurred to him that Marissa probably couldn’t see the way as well as he could; although he didn’t feel like looking back, since looking back at this point was basically the same as stepping back and he had escaped for a reason, but he did carefully shift the box under one arm and then reach his free hand back tentatively to feel for her as they got closer to one of the darker tunnels.

The dark was comfortable, but he didn’t want to take these reminders of That Class to any of the cozy nooks he’d found. However, Russell had a solid mental map of the passageways by this point, so it wasn’t hard for him to locate the nearest exit. They came out in the back of the library. Was this good enough? Good enough for now, he soon decided, feeling suddenly exhausted, and he gestured down the Global History aisle. “Let’s… find a seat?” There was a small fire and chairs at the end of the aisle, but they were occupied, so Russell looped back around to the Potions section. Success! He was soon plonking himself down into a squishy armchair, backpack and their supply-box at his feet.

It was briefly possible to pretend that no baby existed, but his mixed curiosity/repulsion got the best of him and the fifth-year sneaked a look. The baby now had curls that looked a lot like Marissa’s and eyes of a sort of medium-grey shade. If he’d been able to see colours, he would’ve known that its eyes actually matched his own - a deeply pigmented green - but he couldn’t see colours which was the whole point of why he hadn’t wanted to look at it at all because it probably couldn’t, either. Not to mention, Russell didn’t actually have a clue what shade his eyes were, since mirrors were the Worst for light refraction and he made a point of avoiding them. “Oh, it looks, like… not fake, now,” he managed. “Um, is that better or worse?” It was a weak attempt at a joke, and he knew it, but forced a faint smile anyways.

    • We did our best, anyway - Marissa Kendrick, Fri Aug 25 16:41
      This was probably the first time she’d ever seen Russell take charge of anything ever, and Marissa was impressed. She picked up the doll, which was now starting to seem very much like an actual baby, ... more
      • Not sure if this counts as success, though - Russell, Sat Aug 26 20:39
        He exhaled as he thought about it, air rattling against his throat in a quiet hum. Yeah, the no-face thing had been pretty… disturbing. Russell had never seen a horror movie, because he never watched ... more
        • We tried - Marissa, Sat Aug 26 22:29
          Marissa smiled. She was feeling a little better too. Having a place to hide out, where people weren’t talking about sex and it didn’t feel like anyone was staring at her, helped. There was no way... more
          • I guess I'll take what I can - Russell, Thu Aug 31 22:28
            “We could pick a gender neutral name.” Marissa’s suggestion implied to him that his rambling circle had made some kind of sense. He nodded in response. “Yeah.” The fact that names had genders at all... more
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