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Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:10

Wyatt Munro was what his brother christened a nerd, but Wyatt knew he was just more practical about life than Frankie. Frankie wanted to live in this imaginary world where Quidditch was a valid career option. Thus Frankie took three classes and third year Wyatt was planning on taking double that about of courses next term. He couldnít wait to take the electives Ancient Runes, Magical Sciences, and Arithmancy. He probably would drop Cultural Studies just because Mom had taught him about the Muggle world and Dad had taught him about the Magical world.

Today found Wyatt taking over an entire table in the Library. He had his Astronomy homework out plotting the movement of Ganymede, Jupiterís largest moon and what that could mean magically. He wasnít sure if he was sticking with Astronomy next term. It might be unnecessary for this future. At this point in time, Wyatt was starting to think about what he would do any graduation. College seemed like the next step, and he didnít want to shoehorn himself into a career anytime soon.

He sighed looking at the homework as he rocked back in his chair. The third year ran a hand through his black hair as he chewed on the end of his quill. He was deep in thought trying to figure out if the moon would split from its current path or what when he heard the unmistakable scrape of the chair. His dull green eyes flicked up at the person.

ďCan I help you?Ē He said flashing his contagious smile. Since his first year, Wyatt had run an illicit business where for a price he would tutor you or do your homework for you. He was smart and didnít take on too much business, and around exams, the prices went up. The third year had even helped tutor older students in fourth year last term, this term Wyatt hoped to expand to fifth years. He had spent all summer reading Frankieís old books and practicing. The best thing about magical parents was the fact the government couldnít tell when it was him or his parents doing magic.

    • Make way for a regular - Leopold Harris, Wed Jan 18 17:18
      Leopold avoided libraries. It was his experience that not only did he not like them libraries didnít like him much either. It was almost like they sensed he was a slacker the moment he walked in.... more
      • One of my best customers! - Wyatt, Sat Jan 21 08:41
        Wyatt blinked when Leo asked if he had even thought about being in a band before tapping out a beat on the desk. The boy continued and talked about how he wasnít cut out for a drummer, and no one... more
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