For you anything.
Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:53

Wyatt watched as the sixth year proficiently transfigured the stroller into a baby bouncer nonverbally. Though he was still two years off of training in nonverbal magic, he had started to study and try out lower level spells. So far he hadn’t mastered any spells but had a few successes.

Holland talked about the Camillas, and he nodded when they said their partner wasn’t complaining too much. When Holland sat down and wandlessly summoned a book off one of the shelves Wyatt stared. He had yet to be able to summon anything wandlessly unfortunately, but Holland’s skill in magic was something he wanted. It was yet another thing for him to like about them.

The black haired boy blinked when Holland questioned him about the Cetus study room. No one had ever questioned him about this. Leave it to the brilliantly smart and adorable person in front of him to question it. Thankfully, he was quick on his feet. “Oh, I tutor people who need help. I also look over and review essays for cash. Not a lot of people in Cetus need my help so no point in setting up shop there.”

“Though I must admit I’ve always wanted to see Aquila’s game room and Lyra’s art rooms. Draco and Cetus just have this.” He said waving his arm at the library. Well actually Draco had the library Cetus just had the Study room. The study room was great near exam times, but for his business, there was no point in it.

  • Thanks for the warm reception - Holland, Thu Aug 24 14:54
    Oh, perfect, Wyatt had his doll, so he totally wouldn’t mind Holland having theirs in the library too. The sixth-year drew their wand, nonverbally transfigured the stroller into a baby bouncer, and... more
    • For you anything. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 11:53
      • You’re such a gentleman - Holland, Fri Aug 25 13:44
        Wyatt was apparently not much like his brother. Frankie was really smart and passionate and driven about Quidditch, and he was a salt of the earth kind of guy, but otherwise wasn’t the bookish type.... more
        • I can be. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 14:25
          When Holland said his business was enterprising he grinned, it was the same grin that Frankie and his dad had. His mom called it the Munro grin; it had been part of why she couldn’t say no to Gaston. ... more
          • Well, I appreciate it - Holland, Fri Aug 25 16:24
            “I agree, that wouldn’t be fair.” That explanation didn’t solve the redundancy of a duplicate library. It was probably possible to do some kind of quantum wizard-space-like spell, so the books could... more
            • Anytime! - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 10:31
              Holland agreed that it wouldn’t be fair with the Draco library having books the rest of the school had, and he figured that could be the end of that conversation. After all, without a Draco to tell... more
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