You’re such a gentleman
Fri Aug 25, 2017 13:44

Wyatt was apparently not much like his brother. Frankie was really smart and passionate and driven about Quidditch, and he was a salt of the earth kind of guy, but otherwise wasn’t the bookish type. “That’s enterprising,” Holland said, impressed. “Do you get a lot of customers on a Friday night?” By the end of Friday, Holland was usually sick of school and left their homework until Saturday. Unlike some of their friends, they usually finished before the Sunday night panic deadline.

Holland had been thinking about getting a job on Pearl Street, but between their seven classes, Animagus work, Quidditch, and Diana, now was not a great time for that. Maybe after midterm. Hopefully the wizarding cosmetics store Veela’s Vanity was hiring sales representatives, or even one of the Muggle makeup stores. Holland was pretty sure they could walk into a makeup store on any given day and use their face as their resume, so getting a job wouldn’t be too hard as long as the place was hiring.

“The arts rooms in Lyra are really cool. I don’t have a lot of use for them, but the really artistic people do. Like, Alice Lemont uses one of the practice rooms for singing opera.” She was good but also loud, so the soundproofed rooms were a godsend for Lyras who didn’t want to hear a soprano vibrato first thing in the morning.

Lyra seemed to have the best deal in terms of bonus rooms, because the Draco and Cetus rooms were really similar to the library. Aquilas had a room full of strategy games, but they could probably take them to the Rec Center if they wanted, especially if they wanted to play with non-Aquilas. There were probably some smart Dracos and rule-loving Ceti who wanted to play eight-hour board games. But the Lyra darkrooms, recording booths, and art studios didn’t exist anywhere else in the school, even the theater. If you were, say, a Draco with an interest in photographic print processing, you were just SOL.

Although now Holland was thinking about the Draco library. Was it identical to this library? It seemed redundant for the school to own two copies of all the books they had just to maintain a private library for a quarter of the school. But if the Draco library had different books, that would give the whole House an advantage on academics. “Hey, do you think the Draco library has different books from this one?” Holland mused aloud. “Like, are they hiding knowledge from the rest of the school?” What kind of secret information did the Dracos have access to that the rest of the school didn’t?

  • For you anything. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 11:53
    Wyatt watched as the sixth year proficiently transfigured the stroller into a baby bouncer nonverbally. Though he was still two years off of training in nonverbal magic, he had started to study and... more
    • You’re such a gentleman - Holland, Fri Aug 25 13:44
      • I can be. - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 14:25
        When Holland said his business was enterprising he grinned, it was the same grin that Frankie and his dad had. His mom called it the Munro grin; it had been part of why she couldn’t say no to Gaston. ... more
        • Well, I appreciate it - Holland, Fri Aug 25 16:24
          “I agree, that wouldn’t be fair.” That explanation didn’t solve the redundancy of a duplicate library. It was probably possible to do some kind of quantum wizard-space-like spell, so the books could... more
          • Anytime! - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 10:31
            Holland agreed that it wouldn’t be fair with the Draco library having books the rest of the school had, and he figured that could be the end of that conversation. After all, without a Draco to tell... more
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