Let me Google that for you
Fri Aug 25, 2017 15:01

One of the books seemed to have a spine that shimmered in just the right light. Remington wasn’t much of a gamer, but she did know the joke that if something sparkled in a game, it meant it was important. She’d known a boy in her homeschool cohort that was super into Dance Dance Revolution, and other games, and he’d always said that that was the reason shiny things mattered. He picked up every penny he saw on the ground, even the ones that were face down. Those were the unlucky pennies, but he picked them up anyway if they were shiny! She’d never understood the logic, but she reached for the book anyway.

Potentially Perilous Potions.

Okay, maybe there was something to the importantly shiny theory after all. She didn’t know if she wanted to study dangerous potions, but some of these might be really cool. Plus, the title implied that they were only possibly dangerous. Like, maybe if you didn’t brew them the right way, or if you used them to do something bad. It was definitely an interesting title. She decided she’d check it out.

She turned her attention back to Hunter, who seemed to be having trouble figuring out what he’d originally been in the library for. She reached to tuck a curl that had escaped from her bow behind her ear. Remington loved her cat bow so much. It looked like a kitten and the tail wrapped around and kept her hair in place. It even blinked now! She wanted it to purr, but her parents thought that making it magically move was more than enough.

“Oh, wow, that sounds really cool,” She was clearly a sucker for alliteration, “But just reading texts isn’t gonna teach you potions. It’s one of those subjects where you have to just do the thing, not just read theory. At least for me, anyway.” She knew that Hunter struggled in that class; he wasn’t the safest partner to have. It was neat to see him actually trying to do better.

“I can help you, if you want,” she offered. “It’s pretty much like cooking.”

  • Wouldn't That Require a Knowledge of Potions? - Hunter Ioma, Tue Aug 22 21:01
    “Hi, Hunter!” Hunter looked up to see Remy standing above him. Like, right above him. As he watched, she pulled a purple book off the shelf, looked at the title, and put it back, all right over his... more
    • Let me Google that for you - Remington, Fri Aug 25 15:01
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