Well, I appreciate it
Fri Aug 25, 2017 16:24

“I agree, that wouldn’t be fair.” That explanation didn’t solve the redundancy of a duplicate library. It was probably possible to do some kind of quantum wizard-space-like spell, so the books could exist on both the shelves at the library and in the Draco private library. Then if a student took one of the books, it could only exist in their hands, and stop existing on the shelf in a different part of the school.

That would still be slightly unfair, because a Draco could access books for class before other students could get to the library to check one out. Doing research at RMI would be so much easier if they had a real computer lab with internet access. Of course, there would need to be a wizarding internet for that to be useful for doing work.

Having grown up with a Muggle father, Holland was of the firm opinion that wizarding technology was insufficient. There were spells and potions to do things Muggle technology couldn’t do, like completely filter toxins from the air or guarantee that someone was telling the truth. But the reverse was also true; Muggle inventions allowed people to do things wizards couldn’t, and the quick transmission of information was one of the things Muggles did a lot better. Holland was certain that wizard-run deep web sites had to exist, but because computers and phones hadn’t largely taken off in wizarding culture, they would have to be word-of-mouth only. That was a shame. Who on earth had the time to wait for an owl, especially if you needed to send a message a few states over? Maybe in a smaller country that would work, but not America. Wizarding technophobia was a huge issue, both in terms of disseminating information and because wizarding Twitter would be hilarious.

There still wasn’t a good solution for magic reacting poorly with electronics, though. Holland was pretty sure that concentrated magic plus the internet would produce a world-domination-bent AI within four hours. Maybe three. That was the kind of charms work Holland was interested in figuring out, and why they were taking Magical Sciences, which covered technomancy.

I wonder if they realize all these dolls are teaching us is not to have kids.

Holland laughed. “I know, right? I mean, I guess the point is they’re teaching us not to have unprotected heterosexual sex, because consequences. But yeah, for me it’s just reiterating that adoption is the way to go. Of a kid that is already toilet-trained and sleeping through the night. They could’ve just showed a childbirth video or something.” Or not, because of the aforementioned technology thing.

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    When Holland said his business was enterprising he grinned, it was the same grin that Frankie and his dad had. His mom called it the Munro grin; it had been part of why she couldn’t say no to Gaston. ... more
    • Well, I appreciate it - Holland, Fri Aug 25 16:24
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        Holland agreed that it wouldn’t be fair with the Draco library having books the rest of the school had, and he figured that could be the end of that conversation. After all, without a Draco to tell... more
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