Marissa Kendrick
We did our best, anyway
Fri Aug 25, 2017 16:41

This was probably the first time she’d ever seen Russell take charge of anything ever, and Marissa was impressed. She picked up the doll, which was now starting to seem very much like an actual baby, and followed his lead. She gave Rose a quick, apologetic, ‘I’ll explain later and also I’m so sorry about your partner’ look on her way out and avoided looking at both Danny and Ruben.

Once they were out of the classroom, a little bit of weight lifted from her shoulders (even though she was leaving the classroom carrying more than she came with). It still felt like someone had a choke hold on her heart, though, and they were squeezing as hard as they could. Her chest felt tight, and she knew that was still the panic. The baby-doll made a gurgling noise to let them know it was awake, and she’d pay attention to it if she didn’t have to also focus on Russell, who hadn’t slowed down.

If she hadn’t been paying attention, she would’ve lost Russell as soon as he went through the tapestry. It was incredible how well he knew the passageways. Marissa thought that she knew them pretty damn well, being an Aquila and someone who used the passageways to her advantage every chance she got, but this was a whole new level. She was grateful when reached back a hand for her. She took it, cradling the baby safely in her other arm, and made it through the rest of the trip without getting lost. Some of the places were incredibly dark. Russell knew where he was going, though, and she trusted him.

As soon as her eyes had started adjusting to the dark, they found an exit, and they were suddenly in the library. She had no idea how they got there. Russell was totally going to have to teach her more about the passageways; he must’ve known about some corners she’d never even found yet. Marissa realized how absolutely exhausted she was about five seconds later, and she nodded when Russell suggested they find a seat. She let go of his hand to make it easier to carry the baby and closed her eyes for a brief moment once she was safely in a nice, squishy armchair.

“Oh, it looks, like… not fake, now. Um, is that better or worse?”

Marissa actually chuckled and opened her eyes to look at what Russell was talking about. It had wild curls like hers, and its eyes were the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. She knew her eyes were green, but it made her wonder about Russell’s eyes. Were they green, too? She’d never seen him without his sunglasses, so she had no idea. It reached up a fist and yawned. Marissa bounced ever so slightly, making a quiet shushing noise.

She’d gotten to grow up around a lot of babies, so when she thought about it, she knew how to do most of the things the assignment asked her to do. She was little when Kit and Drew were babies, but she was in fifth grade when Madeleine was born, and she loved helping Garen with that. Plus, she did all that babysitting for Rob and Celia’s kids, so she was super good at kids. This might even be a good distraction from everything that was going on. Marissa moves her ponytail to sit alongside her neck, suddenly very self-conscious about even the possibility that Ruben may have left a mark or two behind from their encounter. She’d have to look and heal them later.

“Better, I think? It was way too freaky when it didn’t have a face,” she smiled at Russell. “Are you feeling a little better?”

  • He had been fairly certain that Marissa wouldn’t even understand his roundabout and totally gibberish request, but apparently she had, because she not only agreed immediately but also magically... more
    • We did our best, anyway - Marissa Kendrick, Fri Aug 25 16:41
      • Not sure if this counts as success, though - Russell, Sat Aug 26 20:39
        He exhaled as he thought about it, air rattling against his throat in a quiet hum. Yeah, the no-face thing had been pretty… disturbing. Russell had never seen a horror movie, because he never watched ... more
        • We tried - Marissa, Sat Aug 26 22:29
          Marissa smiled. She was feeling a little better too. Having a place to hide out, where people weren’t talking about sex and it didn’t feel like anyone was staring at her, helped. There was no way... more
          • I guess I'll take what I can - Russell, Thu Aug 31 22:28
            “We could pick a gender neutral name.” Marissa’s suggestion implied to him that his rambling circle had made some kind of sense. He nodded in response. “Yeah.” The fact that names had genders at all... more
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