Not sure if this counts as success, though
Sat Aug 26, 2017 20:39

He exhaled as he thought about it, air rattling against his throat in a quiet hum. Yeah, the no-face thing had been pretty… disturbing. Russell had never seen a horror movie, because he never watched movies at all, but he imagined that an infant with a blank face was probably the sort of thing horror fans would like to watch movies about. He was pretty sure he’d have nightmares about it later, anyways. But in some ways, it was better when the doll had no face, because now it was looking and even moving like a real baby (probably) did (how would he know?). That was just a reminder of how very long their assignment was. Two months with it? Pretending to be its parent? Pretending not to be constantly worrying about whether it could see normally and then immediately after worrying about whether it was crazy of him to be worrying about that when it wasn’t even a real baby to begin with?

“Are you feeling a little better?”

Still thinking about the fake baby no longer looking like a fake baby and the implications of that, Russell gave a lopsided shrug. “I’m… not sure? I guess so.” He wasn’t yet feeling like he needed to melt into the ground again, anyways, so that was probably a sign of improvement. Either that, or he was still in Panic Mode but had jumped so far into it that he was numb to the symptoms. (Okay, that latter option was probably even more accurate.) Screwing his eyes tightly shut because the fireplace, although comfy, was a literal pain to look at even with sunglasses, he pulled the glasses off briefly so as to scrub his eyes again. His forehead felt slippery, too, like his earlier sweating had been cooled down in the passageways and the liquid gelled onto his skin, and he scrubbed at it too with the back of his wrist before sliding his glasses back on.

Marissa deserved more of an explanation for why he’d freaked out in class, he supposed, but he wasn’t sure what to say because he wasn’t completely sure himself. Despite this, he started talking, well aware that whatever fell out of his face would be gibberish because that was how his brain worked right now. “So, that was a, a surprise,” he started. “Sorry, I went really weird there, I know, and I guess it’s a bit because the doll looked like - well it didn’t have a face - and now it has a face and I don’t want to think it’s real, either, because now it has eyes.” Russell said the word as if it explained everything, which it didn’t. “This is just super, eugh,” he made a face, “and I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve never been around babies, or fake babies, and none of it sounds fun or even good at all. I’m gonna suck at this. Sorry. Uh, I already said sorry, but that one was… for… you being stuck with me?”

It sounded like a question, the way he cut off, and the only way to go was down farther, so he barrelled on and tried to change the topic as a distraction from his mess. “Umm, so, are we supposed to, like, act like it’s real? Like, name it? Because I have no idea what’s a good name. And does it even have a gender? Not that it matters, but, well, yeah, it doesn’t matter,” he concluded except not really because what was a conclusion, anyways. “Names don’t have genders. I think. Kind of. I have no idea.”

  • We did our best, anyway - Marissa Kendrick, Fri Aug 25 16:41
    This was probably the first time she’d ever seen Russell take charge of anything ever, and Marissa was impressed. She picked up the doll, which was now starting to seem very much like an actual baby, ... more
    • Not sure if this counts as success, though - Russell, Sat Aug 26 20:39
      • We tried - Marissa, Sat Aug 26 22:29
        Marissa smiled. She was feeling a little better too. Having a place to hide out, where people weren’t talking about sex and it didn’t feel like anyone was staring at her, helped. There was no way... more
        • I guess I'll take what I can - Russell, Thu Aug 31 22:28
          “We could pick a gender neutral name.” Marissa’s suggestion implied to him that his rambling circle had made some kind of sense. He nodded in response. “Yeah.” The fact that names had genders at all... more
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