Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:31

Holland agreed that it wouldn’t be fair with the Draco library having books the rest of the school had, and he figured that could be the end of that conversation. After all, without a Draco to tell them, either way, they could talk in circles for most of the night. He also assumed there’d be no random Draco coming into the Library this late on a Friday night anyways.

Wyatt couldn’t help but smile when Holland laughed. The black haired boy couldn’t help but think that they had an adorable smile. He didn’t blush like some people would when Holland mentioned sex, and he nodded along with them. When Holland suggested the childbirth video, he laughed. “I would assume while that’s a way to make girls not have sex it might not do much for the guys. A lot of guys would just avoid being in the delivery room then.”

“Plus I feel like Ofosu would just end up with the videotape unspooled all around him and the VCR, or breaking the DVD.” He said with a laugh as he rocked back on the chair still cradling the doll. It wasn’t that Wyatt thought Ofosu was a total wreck it just seemed like he had an issue teaching them Sex Ed. His attempt at teaching them about contraceptives had been wholly laughable. The fourth year was sure he had learned more from TV shows than he had from Ofosu with that one.

  • Well, I appreciate it - Holland, Fri Aug 25 16:24
    “I agree, that wouldn’t be fair.” That explanation didn’t solve the redundancy of a duplicate library. It was probably possible to do some kind of quantum wizard-space-like spell, so the books could... more
    • Anytime! - Wyatt, Mon Aug 28 10:31
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