Guess I have to redial
Sat Sep 16, 2017 21:38

Encouragingly, Dade seemed like he was in a decent mood. He was usually surly even at the best of times, and he admittedly didn’t sound like someone who had had an okay midterm, but an answer to Holland’s question and trying to open a conversation was a positive sign. Holland took advantage of the opening.

“It was good. I spent a lot of time working in my mom’s shop, and my dad and I watched some documentaries.” The DVR had been 96% full when Holland had gotten home, and most of that (except for the 24% of true crime shows that Mom had recorded) was the Discovery Channel programming that Holland and Monty liked to watch. Holland hadn’t thought they would be able to get through all of the episodes, but it had been unusually cold and snowy in Pittsburgh this year and they’d gotten the DVR down to 43% by the time Holland had to portkey back to RMI. Holland’s favorite program had been a physicist’s musings about time travel. Muggles had no concept of how time travel worked—most wizards didn’t understand the magic behind Time Turners either—but it was interesting to see overlapping concepts between Muggle and wizard theorists.

“It’s nice to have a break from here sometimes,” they added. All of the friend drama seemed less important this side of midterm, although Rose and Emmett were bafflingly still dating. And there were a couple of new transfers, which Holland probably should have expected because apparently RMI did that every semester now. Interestingly, they weren’t transfers into the fifth or sixth year, and one of the new ones last semester hadn’t been either, so Holland was still thinking about what that could mean. But Danny and Marissa were on steady ground, Ruben was no longer trying to kill Danny, Kaye had recovered fine from her hospital stay, and the doll project was over, so all in all, Holland felt good about coming back to school.

Now what? Were they supposed to ease into the conversation, or would that be the most transparent thing ever? Maybe it’d be better if they just approached it like a battering ram. But that might scare Dade off. Holland wasn’t typically self-conscious about talking to people, but this was the kind of conversation where it mattered how they brought the subject up.

There should be some kind of segue. “I was talking to Rose about our breaks,” they began, not untruthfully. It wasn’t the most graceful segue but it would do. Rose had said Dade was avoiding her after the closet incident so he would probably get what Holland was talking about. “You know, you can wear whatever kind of clothes you want. I do.”

  • Sorry, wrong number - Dade Farnon, Sat Sep 16 18:27
    Dade had avoided Rose all holiday, and Connor too for good measure and just in case she’d said anything. He was pretty sure she wouldn’t. Rose might be mad at him, but even when she was mad at Dade... more
    • Guess I have to redial - Holland, Sat Sep 16 21:38
      • 'Have to' is such a strong phrase - Dade, Mon Sep 18 14:58
        Holland answered Dade’s question about midterm with things he only vaguely understood (they’d talked about different types of movies in Cultural Studies but he hadn’t been paying much attention). He... more
        • It’s that or face Rose’s wrath - Holland, Mon Sep 18 15:37
          Well, that hadn’t gone very well. And probably Holland should have expected it, because when they were younger they wouldn’t have wanted to talk about this subject like this either. Monty and Bryony... more
          • Holland followed him into the stacks and Dade was furious. He just wanted to be left alone and he wanted everyone to forget what happened over midterm and he wanted everything to be normal but Rose... more
            • So we agree on something - Holland, Mon Sep 18 17:07
              Holland had half expected Dade to refuse the nail polish, and been prepared to refuse his refusal, so it was a surprise and a relief when he pocketed it. He was probably going to run away now, and... more
              • Sometimes I'm agreeable - Dade, Thu Sep 21 06:46
                Wow Holland said a lot of words. Wow. Dade’s hazel eyes grew very round as Holland explained gender, which was something that Dade had previously been entirely sure did not require any explanation.... more
                • Once in a blue moon - Holland, Thu Sep 21 16:28
                  Dade was quiet for a long time. Holland waited. They would’ve preferred to have this conversation sitting down, but the stacks seemed more private, so that was all right. They read the titles of the... more
                  • So Rose thought he might be ‘questioning his gender’ or the way he ‘expressed his gender’. Dade scowled. He didn’t even know what that meant. He had mostly followed along with Holland’s explanation... more
                    • Is it made of blue cheese? - Holland, Fri Sep 29 04:00
                      Dade was back to looking surly, which Holland supposed shouldn’t surprise them. It seemed to be Rose’s brother’s default attitude. Just like how Rose defaulted to stubbornness, and Connor... more
                      • Blue cheese isn't that blue - Dade, Sat Sep 30 15:48
                        Well if this was what Rose thought was helpful, Dade didn’t want to see what Rose thought of as unhelpful . The helpful thing would have been to just ignore it and move on (okay, the yelling part had ... more
                        • Maybe the moon is Swiss cheese - Holland, Sat Sep 30 19:19
                          Holland maintained a practiced composure while Dade got defensive. Ah, shit. Dade might actually be some flavor of gender non-conforming. If he didn’t identify at all with what Holland had said, the... more
                          • I don't think the Swiss are smurfs - Dade, Sat Oct 14 15:21
                            Nope this was bad. Very bad. Holland kept talking and Dade just felt more and more uncomfortable. He kind of wanted to ask more questions, but he also very much did not want to ask more questions.... more
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