Blue cheese isn't that blue
Sat Sep 30, 2017 15:48

Well if this was what Rose thought was helpful, Dade didn’t want to see what Rose thought of as unhelpful. The helpful thing would have been to just ignore it and move on (okay, the yelling part had probably been fair, he hated it when people went into his room) but no, Rose had chosen to go talk to Holland about it and now Holland was talking to him and it was a whole big thing. Dade just wanted the entire situation to go away, but that was clearly being inhibited by a couple of things, one of which involved the fact that Holland was between him and the exit. Mostly Dade didn’t mind things like shoving past people, although he’d been a little more cognizant of that since Drew had accused him of being rude. In Dade’s personal opinion, it was more rude to block someone’s way than to shove someone blocking your way, but he wanted Holland to like him so he just stood there awkwardly.

And they kept talking and that was when there started to be trouble.

Some of the stuff Holland said, Dade wasn’t sure if it really applied to him. He’d never thought about pronouns people used for him or when they talked about his gender, because people didn’t really talk about gender. Except around Holland, apparently. Dade didn’t like it when people talked about him when he was in the room - it made him uncomfortable - but he thought that was a pretty normal response to people talking about you instead of to you. On the other hand, the thing that Holland said about clothes made him pause. Shortly after pausing, Dade started to panic, because it sounded like Holland was saying things that he was feeling and that was not good. Not good. Nope, very bad. Holland was cool and awesome but he couldn’t be like Holland.

“Everyone feels that way,” he said, voice rising. “That’s not just something you feel like.” It made sense for people to feel that way especially at their age. Connor was starting to grow a lot and was complaining about how his clothes fit him, and Connor was the most normal person he knew. And Rose had about a million different clothes, so she clearly didn’t like all of her clothes all of the time either, or she wouldn’t have so many.

  • Is it made of blue cheese? - Holland, Fri Sep 29 04:00
    Dade was back to looking surly, which Holland supposed shouldn’t surprise them. It seemed to be Rose’s brother’s default attitude. Just like how Rose defaulted to stubbornness, and Connor... more
    • Blue cheese isn't that blue - Dade, Sat Sep 30 15:48
      • Maybe the moon is Swiss cheese - Holland, Sat Sep 30 19:19
        Holland maintained a practiced composure while Dade got defensive. Ah, shit. Dade might actually be some flavor of gender non-conforming. If he didn’t identify at all with what Holland had said, the... more
        • I don't think the Swiss are smurfs - Dade, Sat Oct 14 15:21
          Nope this was bad. Very bad. Holland kept talking and Dade just felt more and more uncomfortable. He kind of wanted to ask more questions, but he also very much did not want to ask more questions.... more
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