Remington Burnham
The cat's IN the bag
Mon Oct 9, 2017 19:14

Remington’s dad had been a little ridiculous at Christmas.

He was a Holiday Person, so that was normal. What wasn’t normal was the biggest gift he’d given her. Remington had asked for a cat, but she was a responsible girl, and her request for a cat had been, “When I’m in third year and can go to Pearl Street to pick up things for him or her.”

Her had apparently only heard, “I want a cat,” so now Remington had a cat.

Which was great. And she loved the cat very much. Remington still had a room to herself, so she didn’t need to worry about introducing a pet to anyone. And it was really nice to have someone to spend time with when she was in her room. Remington wasn’t sure she’d call herself an introvert or an extrovert; either way, she got lonely all alone in her Draco bedroom sometimes. The cat helped with that. Remington still needed to ask older students to pick up things from Pearl Street for her, or she needed to owl her parents.

The kitten, named Catapult for how much its pounce resembled what something being catapulted must look like, also liked to knock stuff over while she was gone, and Remington didn’t feel like cleaning things up when she got back.

“Seems like a perfect time for leash training,” Remington told the orange and white tabby kitten while getting her little harness out. Catapult played with it for a while but didn’t seem to object to being put on a leash or in a harness. That made her smile, and then off they went. Remington had added so many books onto her reading tracker this year; she was excited to start adding fairy tales from different magical regions. She liked seeing how magical tales matched up with Muggle ones, and the differences were also striking.

While Remington perused the shelves in the library, Catapult decided to get herself into trouble. Her lovely Draco hadn’t managed to get the harness just tight enough, so it wasn’t hard to slip out of it when she saw something she really wanted. There was a pen sticking out of someone’s backpack, and she needed it right meow.

Remington felt the leash slack and turned her head. She saw the tail disappear inside the backpack and held back a sigh. Hopefully, this person wasn’t allergic to cats. She placed the book she held back on the shelf, smoothed an annoying crease on her pale green sweater dress covered in stars, and made her way to the other student. Her gold bow sparkled in the light, as if the entire thing was made of glitter itself. Her red-ish leggings and light blue sneakers continued the look. She even tried mascara today. The darker skinned girl hadn’t figured out exactly what kind of makeup look she liked yet, but she thought the neutral lip gloss she had on looked okay.

“Excuse me?” Remington chirped after clearing her throat, nodding towards their backpack, “My kitten just slipped away. I think she’s in your bag? Sorry.”

    • Who let the cat out?? - Mikael Lundqvist, Thu Oct 12 19:48
      Tik. Tik. Tik. Normally tik tik s were reserved for clocks. He would know, because Papa was a clockmaker, or more accurately a clock-fixer. But today the sound was coming from the eraser-end of... more
      • It was me, oops - Remington, Sun Oct 22 15:50
        Catapult felt the bag move, which made it hard to hook a little claw around the pen she wanted. She gave a disappointed mew and looked up at whoever was causing her inconvenience. There was a pair of ... more
        • I guess it's my turn, then - Anssi, Sun Nov 5 23:01
          A little squeak of surprise escaped him when the kitten batted at his nose. Anssi recoiled instinctively, but was soon ducking closer again, blue eyes wide with excitement. This was a very short... more
          • And I guess it's mine! - Remington, Wed Nov 15 20:29
            Hand! There was a hand! It was attached to the boy Catapult had booped on the nose once already. The cat mewed at the boy very loudly. She wasn’t aggressive, just curious. Was this hand a new friend? ... more
            • Now, who hasn't had a turn yet? - Anssi, Fri Nov 17 23:19
              He flinched a bit when the kitten mewed, worried that he had done something wrong. Fortunately, Rumingten laughed at that moment and scooched a chair over to sit down beside him. That was reassuring. ... more
              • I think all of us are covered - Remington, Tue Nov 21 21:35
                Remington smiled very brightly, enjoying how happy Anssi was with Catapult. Once she got used to the fact that there was a stranger trying to hold her, even Catapult seemed happy about it. She didn’t ... more
                • Oh, but don't forget the cat herself! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 23:40
                  Catapult the cat started licking him. This came as a huge surprise. It had never even occurred to Anssi that cats might lick people, because that seemed like such a dog thing to do and cats and dogs... more
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