Mikael Lundqvist
Who let the cat out??
Thu Oct 12, 2017 19:48

Tik. Tik. Tik.

Normally tik tiks were reserved for clocks. He would know, because Papa was a clockmaker, or more accurately a clock-fixer. But today the sound was coming from the eraser-end of Anssi’s pencil. Well, what had once been an eraser. Last week, he had scrubbed it so hard when fixing mistakes on his Potions lab report that the whole eraser had popped out and rolled away and gotten immediately lost, leaving only the metal rim behind. That was what was tiking now. He was trying to be as quiet as he could, since libraries were quiet spaces, but he had been staring at the same question for a long time now and he was getting restless. He just had to move, not too much so that he wouldn’t distract other people, but enough to distract himself a little and try to shake up his thinking brain so that he could understand the question.

He tapped his pen on the table a few more times before sighing softly and turning the page over to see what else was in their assignment. The next question said… Blue eyes scrunched up at the corners as he tried to make sense of it. He had to… draw a… a battery? Cultural Studies was a strange class. As far as Anssi was aware, there were no other classes at RMI that required students to draw as part of their homework. His big brother did a lot of drawing, it seemed; sometimes they had meals together, and in those more recent sometimes, Ruben had papers out for his runes class. Runes were basically drawing, except without shadows and focal points.

Wait, did he have to draw the battery like a real battery, or like a science drawing with arrows and stuff? Anssi was pretty sure that he at least knew what a battery was. That is to say, it wasn’t the same as the one he had attempted using when he was learning American Baseball, and it wasn’t the same as the ones that were like a mix of birds and butterflies, so it almost definitely was the one that went inside his flashlight at home. The Finnish boy re-read the question, identified the words “power” and “function”, did not actually know what “function” meant, sighed again, and started drawing a basic cylinder battery.

He had shaded in along one side when a girl spoke up near him. A distraction from someone else was almost always appreciated whenever he was stuck on his homework like this, so Anssi immediately looked up. It was Remmintun - Rumminten - Rommentin - he couldn’t remember how the sounds went exactly, but they had met on his very first day at the big group dinner and they were also in all the same classes since they were in the same age-group. “Kitten?” he echoed. Leaning over in his chair to look at his unzipped knapsack on the floor, he gingerly hooked a finger around the opening and tugged it up to peer inside. A pair of eyes looked back at him. “Oooh, that kitten! Do not sorry me,” he reassured Remy, still staring happily inside. “I like cats. I think.” They had never had a cat at home, so he didn’t really know for sure.

  • The cat's IN the bag - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 9 19:14
    Remington’s dad had been a little ridiculous at Christmas. He was a Holiday Person, so that was normal. What wasn’t normal was the biggest gift he’d given her. Remington had asked for a cat, but she... more
    • Who let the cat out?? - Mikael Lundqvist, Thu Oct 12 19:48
      • It was me, oops - Remington, Sun Oct 22 15:50
        Catapult felt the bag move, which made it hard to hook a little claw around the pen she wanted. She gave a disappointed mew and looked up at whoever was causing her inconvenience. There was a pair of ... more
        • I guess it's my turn, then - Anssi, Sun Nov 5 23:01
          A little squeak of surprise escaped him when the kitten batted at his nose. Anssi recoiled instinctively, but was soon ducking closer again, blue eyes wide with excitement. This was a very short... more
          • And I guess it's mine! - Remington, Wed Nov 15 20:29
            Hand! There was a hand! It was attached to the boy Catapult had booped on the nose once already. The cat mewed at the boy very loudly. She wasn’t aggressive, just curious. Was this hand a new friend? ... more
            • Now, who hasn't had a turn yet? - Anssi, Fri Nov 17 23:19
              He flinched a bit when the kitten mewed, worried that he had done something wrong. Fortunately, Rumingten laughed at that moment and scooched a chair over to sit down beside him. That was reassuring. ... more
              • I think all of us are covered - Remington, Tue Nov 21 21:35
                Remington smiled very brightly, enjoying how happy Anssi was with Catapult. Once she got used to the fact that there was a stranger trying to hold her, even Catapult seemed happy about it. She didn’t ... more
                • Oh, but don't forget the cat herself! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 23:40
                  Catapult the cat started licking him. This came as a huge surprise. It had never even occurred to Anssi that cats might lick people, because that seemed like such a dog thing to do and cats and dogs... more
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