Compatriots in trying!
Tue Jan 17, 2017 13:02

The girl that was in Dade’s way was in his year, he was pretty sure - he’d seen her in class - and her skin was darker than his, which was unusual. His skin was just a shade darker than most peoples’ in their year, which made him feel uncomfortable. It also, however, made him less associated with his brother, who had inherited their father’s lighter skin. And that was nice. Between his black hair and the shade of his skin, the only thing that connected Dade to his brother were the hazel eyes all three siblings shared. Aside from her darker skin, the other noticeable thing about the girl in front of him was the hairbow that held hair out of her eyes. It looked like a kitten. Dade absolutely adored cats. His father said he wasn’t responsible enough to have one yet, but he played with Sammy, Rose’s cat, all the time. Rose kept threatening to get Dade a kitten for his birthday.

But instead of moving when Dade pointed out that she was in the way, the girl said that technically he was in her way.

The first year blinked.

“Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to be in your way.”

It wasn’t that it was rare to get an apology out of Dade, it was just that the situation had to be presented more logically than people usually bothered to do. And the girl was right. If she was there first, technically he was in her way and he should, therefore, move and apologize. He wasn’t sure which direction to move in, though. He straightened the olive polo shirt he wore over dark khakis and stepped to one side. They were in the section currently dedicated to specific spellwork applications, which is why Dade had been looking for curses or jinxes, and he was curious.

“What are you looking for?” he asked. Then thought to say “am I out of your way now?”

  • That's what I'm trying to do, too. - Remington Burnham, Mon Jan 16 16:22
    Despite living in both the Muggle and magical world her whole life, Remington Burnham had never had access to a magical library before. There was so much to explore. She’d been at Rocky Mountain... more
    • Compatriots in trying! - Dade, Tue Jan 17 13:02
      • We will never give up! - Remington, Wed Jan 18 08:54
        There was a moment where Remington wasn’t sure if the boy was going to try to argue her or not. Then, he apologized. The Draco smiled a little. She was absolutely relieved at the apology. While she... more
        • Never give in! - Dade, Wed Jan 18 10:25
          Apparently this girl tried to read a new book every week, which Dade found interesting. He wasn’t a big reader, but he wasn’t not a big reader either. He mostly read what was interesting to him, and... more
          • Her brown eyes were back to skimming over the shelves when the boy gave her a very honest answer. “I’m looking for a book on curses or jinxes or something. I want to turn my roommates’ teeth into... more
            • Well thankfully I'm not French - Dade, Thu Jan 19 06:41
              The girl seemed to take what he said well, which Dade was relieved by. He had figured that admitting to wanting to do mean things to your roommates was probably not a good thing, but she seemed to be ... more
              • There are French people in Galaxy Quest?? - Remington, Fri Jan 20 19:08
                Dade seemed like a much more normal name than Remington. The first year didn’t mind her name too much. Sometimes she felt it was perfect for her; sometimes, it felt like it was too much. She rarely... more
                • As Remington read, Dade peered over her shoulder, following along. He snorted when they came to the incantation. Locomotor wibbly ? What? The eleven year old had never seen something that stupid in... more
                  • I have nothing against the French. - Remington, Sun Jan 29 10:27
                    Remington held back another snicker, still stuck on the silly incantation. From what she could tell, Dade didn’t want to hurt him roommates. He wanted to intimidate them. It was like how cats would... more
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