Russell Drew
I'm not sure our buddies will get along
Fri Nov 10, 2017 16:01

Russell felt like he was getting a tiny little bit better at seeming like a normal person throughout the day. Not entirely throughout, as there were some aspects that inherently restricted him. Mealtimes, for instance - he still insisted on using his own, familiar waterbottle for all his drinks, finding standard glasses too reflective, and opted for as many finger/hand-foods as possible so as to avoid having to deal with shining light off the cutlery. Quidditch was another area, where no matter how hard he embraced (or tried to) his light sensitivity in order to spot the Snitch, he inevitably spent some time mistaking his ups for downs in the sun or crashing into the goalhoops.

But on average, he had noticed that the other students seemed to be staring at him less, which was either because they were used to his eccentricities or because he really was doing this whole ‘normal human’ thing better. Holland was obviously a miracle worker, though, so for once he was assuming the latter option instead of his usual, more honest, self-deprecating route. It was likelier to be a mix of the two, but Russell wouldn’t actually be surprised if it was entirely because of Holland fixing literally all the things wrong with his appearance. He was okay to forgo logic in favour of giving them all the credit.

(Other students never really got used to him, anyways.)

Anyways, this train of thought had come slowly chugging up because he was walking through the library looking for a book on animate transfiguration. The library sort of had sections - Muggle literature or History, for instance. But the more magic-focused sections was where it got blurry. Outside of distinct topics, like potions, the magic texts were mixed up a bit, at least by Russell’s interpretation. He would’ve expected there to be a whole section on transfiguration, but the practice and theory were jumbled up with charms and such, which made sense (they were complementary and charms that transformed things were usually called transfigurations anyways) but also didn’t (because turning a hat into a chair wasn’t on the same level as making the chair move… right?).

Muttering to himself, Russell shook his head and rounded the corner to start reading off those titles. “Theoretical uses of Lumos in the nineteenth century. Erm, nope. Bedazzled Bezoars... It’s Not Rocket Science: the new world of antigravity charms... Spellcasting in Squalor. Huh. That’s weir-- ah!” His preoccupation with his search meant that he hadn’t even noticed the small girl sitting at a nearby table until she spoke to him.

A small girl with a big spider in a box beside her. Oh no. It was Marissa’s sister, Kit, so he couldn’t just run away even though he wanted to, because surely Marissa would find out and he didn’t want to admit to a fear of spiders. Not that he was afraid for himself, of course (even though this particular spider was the biggest he’d ever seen). He was afraid for Jaws, whose little face and nose was poking out Russell’s shirt pocket. Russell took a step back from the table automatically. Oh no.

“Yeah, uh, the library’s great. When you can find the books you need. I’ll just… look down this shelf some more and then get out of your way.” Edging sideways to skirt past her table, he accidentally locked eyes with the spider (maybe? Did spiders have eyes? Could it tell he had eyes? His sunglasses were pretty dark) and then backed up again. “Darby doesn’t… eat mice, does she? Or he? Or it?”

  • Library buddies looking for a library buddy - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Nov 7 15:03
    Grandpa Garen had told Kit that Darby had to stay on Kit’s side of the room but he’d never said that Kit had to keep Darby in her room, so Darby often came with Kit to different places around the... more
    • I'm not sure our buddies will get along - Russell Drew, Fri Nov 10 16:01
      • Oooh it was one of Marissa’s friends! Kit didn’t remember his name but she did remember that he always wore fun clothes, and that was how she recognised him. Except his hair was differenter than it... more
        • "Not digested" would be a start - Russell, Sun Nov 12 23:25
          Using ‘it’ for a spider hadn’t struck Russell as too unusual. This was mostly because “ugh, there’s a spider, get it, hit it with something” had been the most common acknowledgement of arachnids that ... more
          • Digestion sounds more like a finish - Kit, Sat Nov 25 10:10
            Kit giggled as the mousie who was named Jaws took the gumdrop from her and started eating it. Mousies were so cute! Maybe she could have one, one day. Probably Marissa would like a mousie a little... more
            • Unfortunately it's not the end - Russell, Sun Nov 26 21:23
              The way Jaws was going at the gumdrop, it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days. This was, of course, very untrue, because Russell had already fed him not once but three times today: a couple raisins... more
              • Let's enjoy the journey - Kit, Tue Nov 28 10:28
                “She’s racist against tarantulas ,” Kit said, with a tone of patient exasperation. It was a very simple thing to know and Kyle was older than her so he should definitely for sure know that. “Grandpa... more
                • I'd like to get off now, please - Russell, Thu Nov 30 22:05
                  “She’s racist against tarantulas.” The first thing that Russell processed in this sentence was that Kit did not in fact have a pet spider, but a pet tarantula, which was literally infinite times... more
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