"Not digested" would be a start
Sun Nov 12, 2017 23:25

Using ‘it’ for a spider hadn’t struck Russell as too unusual. This was mostly because “ugh, there’s a spider, get it, hit it with something” had been the most common acknowledgement of arachnids that he had been exposed to growing up - and still to this day, really. Bugs were technically living beings and probably had some sense of self, but they were never treated that way in his mother’s kitchen. However, the way Kit picked up on his use of the word made him feel vaguely like he was being scolded. The Californian blushed appropriately. “Sorry, erm, Darby,” he mumbled in the spider’s general direction.

Within her vague scolding, Kit had tacked on an explanation about how she actually had no idea of whether her spider was properly a he or she. Russell couldn’t contribute much to that topic, or at least, not much that was directly relevant. But a fun fact came to mind, something he had learned while doing a science project at his Muggle school, and he decided to share it. “It might not matter,” he suggested, trying to balance politely facing the younger girl with impolitely ignoring her giant spider, and not really succeeding in either area as a result. “Some types of bugs and, um, even other animals I’ve heard of, like… snakes, and I think sharks?... They can reproduce asexually. So maybe it doesn’t matter if Darby is a he or she, because there could still…” Russell trailed off and did not finish the sentence, but it was almost loud enough in his head to make up for the sudden silence. There could still be baby spiders. And didn’t spiders lay, like, thousands of eggs or whatever at once? So there could be thousands of baby spiders. Baby Darby-sized giant spiders. Oh no.

He had not been exactly happy to see a giant spider in the library to begin with, and he was even less comfortable now that he’d given himself the realization that Darby might be male or female or an alien and still spawn enough spiders to take over the library completely. So it was perhaps understandable that he didn’t react to the whole ‘doesn’t eat alive mice’ thing in the most positive way. “Only dead mice? But Darby still eats mice, then? He might hunt them for himself when he gets… older or bigger or hungrier or whatever?” Russell clarified, a worried frown deepening on his forehead. Anxiously, he reached up to pull Jaws out of his pocket and cradled the mouse snugly in his palms, where only a twitching black nose could occasionally peek out in the gap between finger and thumb.

Up until now, the only predators he’d had to worry about at RMI were cats and owls, both of which were relatively large animals that he could easily protect Jaws from, but now there was a spider too. Right now, the spider was in some kind of carrier/cage, but it was open, which implied that sometimes the spider was uncaged and could roam around freely. Small, normal spiders were sneaky; he fully expected that a larger spider would still be just as sneaky. It could make a bigger web and catch Jaws and oh no.

Jaws, on the other hand (or from inside two hands, as it were), was not even aware of the spider right now. The mouse had identified its main priority: a lovely sweet-smelling candy nearby. Russell squeaked in a bit of a mouselike way as Jaws managed to wiggle not just a nose but one ear and half a head out from his fingers. “Erm, he’s never had gumdrops, but he likes every type of food. Including grapes,” he answered Kit in a distracted way as he re-positioned the mouse. “His name is Jaws.” Looking between his mouse, and Kit’s offered candy, and back and forth again, Russell sighed and took a couple tentative steps closer, sidling around Kit to put as much space between them and Darby as possible. Once he felt safe, he opened up his hands a bit more. With the gumdrop in reach, Jaws almost immediately bounced up to sniff at it, and sat up higher, grabbing at the gumdrop with two paws while he began nibbling away.

  • Oooh it was one of Marissa’s friends! Kit didn’t remember his name but she did remember that he always wore fun clothes, and that was how she recognised him. Except his hair was differenter than it... more
    • "Not digested" would be a start - Russell, Sun Nov 12 23:25
      • Digestion sounds more like a finish - Kit, Sat Nov 25 10:10
        Kit giggled as the mousie who was named Jaws took the gumdrop from her and started eating it. Mousies were so cute! Maybe she could have one, one day. Probably Marissa would like a mousie a little... more
        • Unfortunately it's not the end - Russell, Sun Nov 26 21:23
          The way Jaws was going at the gumdrop, it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days. This was, of course, very untrue, because Russell had already fed him not once but three times today: a couple raisins... more
          • Let's enjoy the journey - Kit, Tue Nov 28 10:28
            “She’s racist against tarantulas ,” Kit said, with a tone of patient exasperation. It was a very simple thing to know and Kyle was older than her so he should definitely for sure know that. “Grandpa... more
            • I'd like to get off now, please - Russell, Thu Nov 30 22:05
              “She’s racist against tarantulas.” The first thing that Russell processed in this sentence was that Kit did not in fact have a pet spider, but a pet tarantula, which was literally infinite times... more
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