And I guess it's mine!
Wed Nov 15, 2017 20:29


There was a hand!

It was attached to the boy Catapult had booped on the nose once already. The cat mewed at the boy very loudly. She wasn’t aggressive, just curious. Was this hand a new friend? She didn’t know much about hands, but most peopled used those hands to pet and play, so the hand must be a good thing. At first, she tried to grab at his finger with her paw, because then she could lick it! If anyone was going to hold her, they had to smell like her. It was very important. If Catapult claimed all the humans she could, she’d rule the school someday! She knew there were other cats around; the kitten wanted to be their queen.

Right, the hand wanted to hold her, and the boy’s voice was saying something. Suddenly, she was being pulled out of the bag and came face to face with the boy. He kind of had her slightly upside down, so she flailed a bit until someone righted her. She caught sight of her Remington and let out a very indignant mew; what was this human doing? Had he never held royalty before?

“Yes, hi, I see you,” Remington laughed, pulling up a chair next to Anssi. She did appreciate having her own room in Draco. There wasn’t any roommate drama, and it gave her privacy when she needed it. Sometimes she felt really drained after classes; it was nice to have somewhere to go where she knew there wouldn’t be people. Even the secret passageways weren’t that secretive or secluded. Chances were, if you didn’t run into another student (or a pair of students), you’d run right into the poltergeist that lived there.

Anyway, she liked having her own room, but she didn’t want to end up with a poorly socialized cat. It was good to get Catapult out and about, and she loved when her kitten got to see actual people. Remington liked how excited Anssi got about seeing her cat. That meant this was a good thing. The darker skinned girl smiled and poked at Catapult’s nose, and her kitten squeaked again. What a goofball.

“She loves playing with pens,” she explained, “And her favorite place to sit is on your homework when you’re actively trying to get it done. She’s a very helpful cat.”

Catapult meowed again, as if arguing against Remington’s tone. Remington made a face in response. “Yes, very helpful. You make everything so much easier.”

  • I guess it's my turn, then - Anssi, Sun Nov 5 23:01
    A little squeak of surprise escaped him when the kitten batted at his nose. Anssi recoiled instinctively, but was soon ducking closer again, blue eyes wide with excitement. This was a very short... more
    • And I guess it's mine! - Remington, Wed Nov 15 20:29
      • Now, who hasn't had a turn yet? - Anssi, Fri Nov 17 23:19
        He flinched a bit when the kitten mewed, worried that he had done something wrong. Fortunately, Rumingten laughed at that moment and scooched a chair over to sit down beside him. That was reassuring. ... more
        • I think all of us are covered - Remington, Tue Nov 21 21:35
          Remington smiled very brightly, enjoying how happy Anssi was with Catapult. Once she got used to the fact that there was a stranger trying to hold her, even Catapult seemed happy about it. She didn’t ... more
          • Oh, but don't forget the cat herself! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 23:40
            Catapult the cat started licking him. This came as a huge surprise. It had never even occurred to Anssi that cats might lick people, because that seemed like such a dog thing to do and cats and dogs... more
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