I think all of us are covered
Tue Nov 21, 2017 21:35

Remington smiled very brightly, enjoying how happy Anssi was with Catapult. Once she got used to the fact that there was a stranger trying to hold her, even Catapult seemed happy about it. She didn’t think she’d like being held like a baby, and she tried to squirm away plenty of times. Catapult started to purr loudly, deciding Anssi was an okay human to get attention from, and refused to hold still. She gave his hand a nice heatbutt, then decided that while the humans talked, the boy didn’t smell enough like her, and started to give his hand a nice little bath.

“She doesn’t eat homework,” Remington answered, “But she likes to sleep on homework. She doesn’t eat a lot of human stuff, actually.” The second year picked up another writing utensil and wiggled it in front of Catapult, who looked very excited and overwhelmed by all of her options.

What was she supposed to pounce on first?!

“She likes licking the salt off of goldfish – cheesy little snack crackers – and pretzels. She’s not one for human food, but she really likes salt.” Remington thought that was really interesting. Catapult wasn’t interested in tuna or anything that people assumed cats like. She hadn’t tried feeding lasagna to Catapult. Garfield the cat was a very goofy comic strip, loved by Muggles, but maybe there was some kind of cat-friendly recipe?

Oh, no, was she going to be one of those crazy cat ladies who made special meals for their cats instead of spending time with friends? She was too young to already have this kind of future! She held back a sigh and pushed the thought of a cat-friendly lasagna away. She didn’t have super access to pinterest at school, anyway. That was probably for the best.

Great, now Remington started thinking about what a magical pinterest might look like. No, bad, focus on the current social interaction.

It helped that Catapult launched herself at the pencil Anssi wiggled in front of her. The cat wrapped her paws around the pencil and tried to bite down. Her grip wasn’t great, so there was a lot of flailing involved. It made Remington laugh again. “So, do you have any pets at home? Oh, what pet would you bring to school, if you could pick any pet in the world?”

  • Now, who hasn't had a turn yet? - Anssi, Fri Nov 17 23:19
    He flinched a bit when the kitten mewed, worried that he had done something wrong. Fortunately, Rumingten laughed at that moment and scooched a chair over to sit down beside him. That was reassuring. ... more
    • I think all of us are covered - Remington, Tue Nov 21 21:35
      • Oh, but don't forget the cat herself! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 23:40
        Catapult the cat started licking him. This came as a huge surprise. It had never even occurred to Anssi that cats might lick people, because that seemed like such a dog thing to do and cats and dogs... more
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