Digestion sounds more like a finish
Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:10

Kit giggled as the mousie who was named Jaws took the gumdrop from her and started eating it. Mousies were so cute! Maybe she could have one, one day. Probably Marissa would like a mousie a little bit more than she liked Darby. Rose had helped Marissa get Darby for Kit. But also mousies didn’t live very long Kit was pretty sure, so that might not be a good idea. Darby might live for a very long time. If he was a girl, he could even live up to thirty entire years! By the time Darby was thirty entire years old, Kit might even have kids of her own! That could be fun. Kit really liked babysitting when Marissa let her help out with Professor Rob’s kids. He had three of them and they were all very young so sometimes Marissa needed help and Kit got to hold the baby girl or sometimes play blocks with the little boy or play dress-up with the little girl. Kit loved playing dress-up but blocks was pretty okay too.

“When Darbles gets bigger he might hunt for mousies,” Kit conceded. “But Grandpa Garen said that he has to stay in his tank when I’m not playing with him because Darlene is awful and racist,” well, that was what had triggered Grandpa Garen to make that rule, not specifically why he had made it, “so I’ll make sure I keep an eye on him so he doesn’t do that. Plus I’ll make sure to feed him whenever he needs food so he doesn’t get hungry!” That made sense to Kit. People did weird things when they were hungry, like the one time Kit had eaten an entire bag of barbeque chips and also an entire thing of pickles and then bounced on the sofa and accidentally thrown up. She’d mostly felt sick after that and not hungry, and she still couldn’t eat barbeque chips without feeling a little nauseous. That was the first time Mom and Dad had left her home alone and she hadn’t been allowed home alone since then because they said they were worried. But now Kit was almost twelve and definitely should be allowed home alone because she knew better than to eat an entire bag of chips again.

“I bet Jaws and Darby could be best friends!” Kit chirped. “Darby is very smart, he knows not to eat his friends.” Kit was pretty sure, anyway. Darby paid attention in class when she brought him and he knew not to bother Darlene because she was awful and she was pretty sure that he could tell when she was sad. He was a very smart tarantula. He was also getting pretty big for a tarantula, which Kit thought was fantastic. Maybe one day he’d be the size of a cat and then she could play fetch with him! Although he only had the little fangs and not actual teeth so Kit wasn’t sure how well he’d be able to hold a little ball or piece of string in his little mouth. But he was pretty fast so he’d definitely be able to chase the ball, for sure. “Maybe they can play fetch together,” she suggested. Jaws might be a little small to play fetch, but at least he had teeth. Maybe they could get a mousie-sized ball. Or shrink a regular ball down to a mousie-size. Kyle was a big kid, he probably could do that.

  • "Not digested" would be a start - Russell, Sun Nov 12 23:25
    Using ‘it’ for a spider hadn’t struck Russell as too unusual. This was mostly because “ugh, there’s a spider, get it, hit it with something” had been the most common acknowledgement of arachnids that ... more
    • Digestion sounds more like a finish - Kit, Sat Nov 25 10:10
      • Unfortunately it's not the end - Russell, Sun Nov 26 21:23
        The way Jaws was going at the gumdrop, it seemed like he hadn’t eaten in days. This was, of course, very untrue, because Russell had already fed him not once but three times today: a couple raisins... more
        • Let's enjoy the journey - Kit, Tue Nov 28 10:28
          “She’s racist against tarantulas ,” Kit said, with a tone of patient exasperation. It was a very simple thing to know and Kyle was older than her so he should definitely for sure know that. “Grandpa... more
          • I'd like to get off now, please - Russell, Thu Nov 30 22:05
            “She’s racist against tarantulas.” The first thing that Russell processed in this sentence was that Kit did not in fact have a pet spider, but a pet tarantula, which was literally infinite times... more
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