Director Garen Tennant
Talent Show Signups
Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:12

RMI will be having a talent show instead of a musical this year! Students and staff can participate in the show with any form of performance they want (instrumental, song, dance, scene, monologue, magic demonstration, etc.) as long as it is school-appropriate. There is no limit to how many people can be in one act, or to how many acts one person can be in. On the night of the show, students inclined to the visual arts can display their work in a gallery outside the theater. This can include (but is not limited to) paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography. Volunteers for emcees (to introduce the acts during the show) and stage crew (for sound/lighting and curtain cues) are also welcome.

Sign up your character's act(s) or intended part(s) in the show by replying to this post with "Performance," "Crew," "Emcee," or "Gallery" as your subject line. Visual artists should also sign up here with their entry or entry type. If you want to be more specific in the body of your post you can, or don't, up to you. If you do, use this form:

Name(s) of participant(s):
Act/submission/role in the show:

    • Performance - Andrew Tennant, Sun Sep 24 15:33
      Name(s) of participant(s): Drew Tennant Act/submission/role in the show: "Lantern" by Grilled Cheese and Thunderstorm, acoustic guitar & vocals
    • Gallery - Zoey Ludlow, Sun Sep 24 13:28
      Name(s) of participant(s): Zoey Ludlow Act/submission/role in the show: needlepoint
    • Performance - Marilyn Hamelink, Sun Sep 24 13:27
      Name(s) of participant(s): Marilyn Hamelink Act/submission/role in the show: gymnastics performance to "Fight Song"
    • Performance - Susan Ober & Roger Reynolds, Sun Sep 24 13:09
      Name(s) of participant(s): Susan Ober & Roger Reynolds Act/submission/role in the show: Vocal performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables by Susan, cello accompaniment by Roger.
    • Gallery - Heather Bartel, Sun Sep 24 13:02
      Name(s) of participant(s): Heather Bartel Act/submission/role in the show: Costume design (I'm designing a ball gown that can go in the gallery. It totally counts as art, okay?)
    • Performance - Alice Lemont, Sun Sep 24 12:54
      Name(s) of participant(s): Alice Lemont Act/submission/role in the show: Vocal performance of "Son pochi fiori" from L'amico Fritz . (Also, I am doing another piece with my roommate. She already... more
    • Crew (nm) - Ethan Addams, Sat Sep 23 16:54
    • Performance - Saad Abdella, Sat Sep 23 16:53
      Name of participant: Saad Abdella Act/submission/role: Reading from a selection of short poems (ones never previously submitted to Rocky Voices! Although I know that Jacob some people have the... more
    • Gallery - Mikael Lundqvist, Sat Sep 23 15:57
      Name of participant: Mikael (Anssi) Lundqvist Act/submission/role: Two crayon and pencil drawings, no name given
    • Performance - Claudia Dubois, Mon Sep 18 12:47
      Name(s) of participant(s): Claudia Dubois Act/submission/role in the show: Piano performance
    • Performance - Marissa Kendrick, Sat Sep 16 12:48
      Name: Marissa Kendrick (and Russell, maybe?) Act: Dance
    • Performance - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Aug 24 22:11
      Name(s) of participant(s): Ruben Lundqvist. Partner(s) TBA. Act/submission/role in the show: Martial Arts demo. Or something. There probably won't be too much blood.
    • Gallery - Maverick Buchannan, Sun Aug 20 17:27
      Name(s) of participant(s): Maverick Buchannan Act/submission/role in the show: a sculpture entitled "The Body of the Modern Man"
    • Emcee (nm) - Emmett Lawrence, Sun Aug 20 17:21
    • Crew (nm) - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sun Aug 20 17:20
    • Performance - Marley Chapman, Sun Aug 20 11:43
      Name(s) of participant(s): Marley Act/submission/role in the show: I don't know what yet but it's gonna be great!!
      • Okay I decided things - Marley, Sat Sep 23 18:00
        (1) Singing duet with the best roomie ever, Alice! We're gonna sing a song called "Wanderdogs" by The Occasional Sweatervests and we might even make some kind of costume together for it, though not... more
    • Performance - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 20 11:14
      Name(s) of participant(s): Holland Keene Act/submission/role in the show: Charms dressage
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