Raja Nazari-Richards
Crew (nm)
Sun Aug 20, 2017 17:20

  • Talent Show Signups - Director Garen Tennant, Sun Aug 20 11:12
    RMI will be having a talent show instead of a musical this year! Students and staff can participate in the show with any form of performance they want (instrumental, song, dance, scene, monologue,... more
    • Performance - Andrew Tennant, Sun Sep 24 15:33
      Name(s) of participant(s): Drew Tennant Act/submission/role in the show: "Lantern" by Grilled Cheese and Thunderstorm, acoustic guitar & vocals
    • Gallery - Zoey Ludlow, Sun Sep 24 13:28
      Name(s) of participant(s): Zoey Ludlow Act/submission/role in the show: needlepoint
    • Performance - Marilyn Hamelink, Sun Sep 24 13:27
      Name(s) of participant(s): Marilyn Hamelink Act/submission/role in the show: gymnastics performance to "Fight Song"
    • Performance - Susan Ober & Roger Reynolds, Sun Sep 24 13:09
      Name(s) of participant(s): Susan Ober & Roger Reynolds Act/submission/role in the show: Vocal performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables by Susan, cello accompaniment by Roger.
    • Gallery - Heather Bartel, Sun Sep 24 13:02
      Name(s) of participant(s): Heather Bartel Act/submission/role in the show: Costume design (I'm designing a ball gown that can go in the gallery. It totally counts as art, okay?)
    • Performance - Alice Lemont, Sun Sep 24 12:54
      Name(s) of participant(s): Alice Lemont Act/submission/role in the show: Vocal performance of "Son pochi fiori" from L'amico Fritz . (Also, I am doing another piece with my roommate. She already... more
    • Performance - Saad Abdella, Sat Sep 23 16:53
      Name of participant: Saad Abdella Act/submission/role: Reading from a selection of short poems (ones never previously submitted to Rocky Voices! Although I know that Jacob some people have the... more
    • Gallery - Mikael Lundqvist, Sat Sep 23 15:57
      Name of participant: Mikael (Anssi) Lundqvist Act/submission/role: Two crayon and pencil drawings, no name given
    • Performance - Claudia Dubois, Mon Sep 18 12:47
      Name(s) of participant(s): Claudia Dubois Act/submission/role in the show: Piano performance
    • Performance - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Aug 24 22:11
      Name(s) of participant(s): Ruben Lundqvist. Partner(s) TBA. Act/submission/role in the show: Martial Arts demo. Or something. There probably won't be too much blood.
    • Gallery - Maverick Buchannan, Sun Aug 20 17:27
      Name(s) of participant(s): Maverick Buchannan Act/submission/role in the show: a sculpture entitled "The Body of the Modern Man"
    • Crew (nm) - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sun Aug 20 17:20
    • Performance - Marley Chapman, Sun Aug 20 11:43
      Name(s) of participant(s): Marley Act/submission/role in the show: I don't know what yet but it's gonna be great!!
      • Okay I decided things - Marley, Sat Sep 23 18:00
        (1) Singing duet with the best roomie ever, Alice! We're gonna sing a song called "Wanderdogs" by The Occasional Sweatervests and we might even make some kind of costume together for it, though not... more
    • Performance - Holland Keene, Sun Aug 20 11:14
      Name(s) of participant(s): Holland Keene Act/submission/role in the show: Charms dressage
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