Okay I decided things
Sat Sep 23, 2017 18:00

(1) Singing duet with the best roomie ever, Alice! We're gonna sing a song called "Wanderdogs" by The Occasional Sweatervests and we might even make some kind of costume together for it, though not sweatervests - that's too obvious, duh.

(2) My bffl Claudia is gonna choose something pretty to play on piano and then I'll dance to it! We'll probably practice a bit but also it'll be a bit of improv, too, or at least I'll do some improv because spontaneous dancing is the best.

(3) I wanna do some kind of Bludger demo, maybe with Kit since we're a team, but I haven't really asked Mister Tennant for permission yet, but like I'm sure he'll be totally fine with it as long as we're careful!

  • Performance - Marley Chapman, Sun Aug 20 11:43
    Name(s) of participant(s): Marley Act/submission/role in the show: I don't know what yet but it's gonna be great!!
    • Okay I decided things - Marley, Sat Sep 23 18:00
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