RMI Admin Team
Activity Standards Update
Tue Dec 5, 2017 09:56

Hey all,

The Admin Team has had some conversations about how we want to handle inactivity with the new incarnation of RMI. Previously, characters were removed from the active list in three stages:
- after first year, if they had not posted at all
- after third year, if they had not posted in second or third year
- after graduation, if they had not posted in years 4 - 7.

Since we have decided to focus on people having strong, consistently posted characters rather than many, inconsistently posted characters as in the past, the Admin Team has decided to implement the following policy on activity:

For a character to be considered active, they must have been posted for at least six times by end of term, with at least two of those posts happening after Midterm.

If a character is considered inactive by the end of term, that character will be given the opportunity to repeat the year in which they were considered inactive.

If a character is considered inactive two terms in a row, they will be removed from our active characters list. The record of the character will still exist and can be retrieved by any of the admins upon request.

We will not accept applications from authors who have inactive characters, but we will not hold previous inactivity against any author.

In case of extenuating circumstances, we will consider exceptions to this policy.

Authors in danger of having one or more inactive characters will receive an email shortly.

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