Holland Keene
Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:28

Name: Holland Keene
Year: 7
Theater Experience (Y/N): Y
Desired Role (optional): Makeup Artist/Costuming

  • Musical signups! - Dir. Garen Tennant, Sun Jan 21 01:46
    The musical is Little Shop of Horrors . RMI is doing a genderblind casting of the show. If you want to be in it reply to this post and sign up like this: Name: Year: Theater Experience (Y/N): Desired ... more
    • ....Tech - Maverick Buchannan, Tue Jan 30 20:01
      Name: Maverick Buchannan Year: 7th Theater Experience (Y/N): N Desired Role (optional): Set design
    • Tech - Keith Allen, Thu Jan 25 18:01
      Name: Keith Allen Year: 1 Theater Experience (Y/N): N Desired Role (optional):Tech
    • Cast - Marley Chapman, Thu Jan 25 08:22
      Name: Marley Chapman Year: 4 Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): No preference! Put me anywhere!
    • Pit - Magdalena Adler, Tue Jan 23 10:50
      Name: Alena Adler Year: third Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Piano
    • Cast - Leopold Harris, Tue Jan 23 10:48
      Name: Leopold Harris Year: Fifth Fourth Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Seymour
    • I'll try it - Leon Finnin, Mon Jan 22 22:14
      Name: Leon Finnin Year: 1 Theater Experience (Y/N): nope Desired Role (optional): anything please cast me... Thanks.
    • Oh boy - Emmett Lawrence, Mon Jan 22 19:18
      Name: Emmett Lawrence Year: Sixth Theater Experience (Y/N): Yes Desired Role (optional): Please for the love of God don't make me date Ruben
    • Tech - Raja Nazari-Richards, Mon Jan 22 19:10
      Name: Raja Nazari-Richards Year: 3rd Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Lights
    • Stealing - Kaye Packman, Mon Jan 22 18:35
      Name: Kaye Packman Year: 6 Theater Experience: y Desired Role: Whatever Heather auditions for
    • Dentist-ing! - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Jan 22 18:33
      Name: Marissa Kendrick Year: 7 Theater Experience: Yes, of course Desired role: Orin Scrivello
    • Maiming! - Ruben Lundqvist, Sun Jan 21 23:35
      Name: Ruben Lundqvist Year: 7 Theater Experience (Y/N): Y ** Desired Role (optional): either the plant, the dentist, or any other role that includes maiming pretending to maim people ** martial arts... more
    • Helpful! - Kit Kendrick & Darby, Sun Jan 21 18:35
      Name: Kit Kendrick Year: 2 Theater Experience (Y/N): y Desired Role (optional): costumes Name: Darby Year: n/a Theater Experience (Y/N): n Desired Role (optional): mascot
    • Pit - Drew Tennant, Sun Jan 21 12:28
      Name: Drew Tennant Year: 2 Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): acoustic guitar, piano
    • Tech - Holland Keene, Sun Jan 21 12:28
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