Andrew Tennant
Sat Jul 21, 2018 16:09

Name: Drew Tennant
Year: 3
Theater Experience (Y/N): Y
Desired Role (optional): guitar/piano

  • Musical Signups - Dir. Garen Tennant, Sat Jul 21 16:08
    The musical is The Fantasticks . RMI is doing a genderblind casting of the show. If you want to be in it reply to this post and sign up like this: Name: Year: Theater Experience (Y/N): Desired Role... more
    • Pitt - Eugene Hardie, Sat Jul 28 21:45
      Name: Eugene Hardie Year: 1 Theater Experience (Y/N): No Desiree Role (optional): Can I play the spoons?
    • Tech - Satveer Mittal, Fri Jul 27 09:42
      Name: Satveer Mittal Year: Third Theater Experience (Y/N): N Desired Role (optional): Set Design
    • Cast - Leo Harris, Tue Jul 24 09:18
      Name: Leo Harris Year: 5 Theatre Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Just give me something good, OK?
    • Tech - Raja Nazari-Richards, Mon Jul 23 23:21
      Name: Raja Nazari-Richards Year: 4th Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Lights
    • Yessss - Tycho Leppit, Mon Jul 23 23:20
      Name: Tycho Year: 1st Theater Experience (Y/N): N Desired Role (optional): Anything! :D
    • Me me me - Emmett Lawrence, Mon Jul 23 23:19
      Name: Emmett Lawrence Year: 7th Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Any
    • Cast - Marley Chapman, Mon Jul 23 20:24
      Name: Marley Year: 5 Theater Experience (Y/N): Y Desired Role (optional): Don't care, but genderbend me please, that was fun last year!
    • Tech - Keith Allen, Mon Jul 23 15:21
      Name: Keith Allen Year:2nd year Theater Experience (Y/N):Y - last term Desired Role (optional):Tech
    • Pit - Andrew Tennant, Sat Jul 21 16:09
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