Coach Gerry Reid
Intramural Quidditch Sign-Up!
Mon Jul 30, 2018 06:15

Since we're not writing Quidditch games properly anymore, it would be fun to do an intramural game! Post a message with ALL the positions your characters would be willing to play in the game in the subject.

Sign-ups will end on Friday 08/03 OR when we have 14 players signed up, whichever comes first. The game will go up on 08/04 OR when we have 14 players, whichever comes first.

There will be a spectator thread for students who don't play but want to participate.

Your student does not have to be on a House team to play and in a similar vein, if your character is on a House team they do not have to play the intramural game.

Positions will be as first-come-first-serve when possible, but the first goal will be to make complete teams (so if five people call Beater as their first interest but one of them is also willing to play Chaser, that person is likely to be put in as a Chaser). Obviously the more flexible you can be with positions your characters will play, the more potential there is for Team Mayhem!

Captain will go to the oldest two players that sign up and can reasonably be put on opposing teams. If there is a tie on oldest characters, Chatzy will pick the captains.

The game will run for two weeks and House Points will be awarded for both the game and the spectator threads.

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