Introductions, Old & New!
Sat Feb 23, 2019 06:17

Howdy folks!

Let's all take a second to introduce ourselves, since we have some new faces. Please avoid sharing identifying personal information, since this forum is available to anyone on the internet.

I'm Austin! I live in the US in the DC area and I founded RMI in 2006 with a friend of mine who has since left us for other hobbies. I'm currently studying to be a youth services librarian and should be graduating in December. My current characters are Connor Farnon, Dakota Farnon, and Kit Kendrick - and I'm going to be writing Jace Fitz as a first year this term.

    • Heyo - Amelia Rosette, Fri Mar 8 12:44
      Hello everyone! My name is Kamariya and I still go to school. I am also Amelia Rosette In the RP and I hope we can be friends.
    • Greetings! - Kassie, Sat Mar 2 20:41
      Hello! I知 a 24 year old nurse who lives in the US, Ohio specifically. My pen-name is MystiqueFox but you can call me whatever you壇 like. I致e been doing some private role plays in my spare time but ... more
    • Hiya! - Fae, Sat Mar 2 20:31
      Hey y誕ll! I知 Fae! I知 a 19 year old college student who has been rping for several years now, and a huge nerdy chick! I love books, writing, speaking French, and playing piano/guitar/uke, and... more
    • Yo! Hows it going? - RougeRogue, Sun Feb 24 23:53
      Hey People Know me as Rogue, I used to stream Art and Gaming on Twitch for a while and thats how my screen tag stuck. Im an Artist with a Small family just starting out. SO I have responsibilities as ... more
    • Hola! - Ryan, Sun Feb 24 21:03
      Hello! I'm Ryan at Stay at home dad who is also a bit disabled. I've been around RMI for a while and done a bunch of jobs. My current characters are DJ Finn, Jake Fitz, and The Magizoobotany... more
    • Good day! - Sasha, Sat Feb 23 18:19
      I'm Sasha, your friendly neighbourhood Canadian! I live along the Rocky Mountains and it pleases me to no end that RMI has its namesake. I work as a university student advisor. My current students... more
    • This is me - B, Sat Feb 23 15:02
      Hi, I'm B, I live in the UK - just locate the part of the Great Britain that is furthest from the ocean in any direction and that's where I am. I love anything that is purple and sparkly and my... more
    • Who am I? - Cassandra, Sat Feb 23 10:06
      Hi there! I'm Cassandra (Cassie) and I've been writing at RMI since 2006. I am part music/movement teacher, part indie bookseller, and part performer. My current characters are Remington Burnham and... more
    • Sup, homeslice? - Suzanne, Sat Feb 23 10:06
      Hi everyone! I知 Suzanne and I live the US along the Eastern Shore. I知 a nursing student so I知 almost never around but I知 hoping to work on that a little this term. I currently write Brynjolf... more
    • How do you do? - Niamh, Sat Feb 23 09:13
      Hi Friends! I知 Niamh (pronounced Neev). I知 a history and politics graduate living in Ireland. I currently write Leo Harris, Magdalena Adler, and Eugene Hardie.
    • Let's get this party started! - Noah, Sat Feb 23 08:39
      Hello! I'm a massive nerd and rarely say things that make sense. I'm not around as much as I would like and am trying to be more active. I currently write Hunter and Grayson Ioma.
    • Welcome, new friends! - Sophia, Sat Feb 23 06:55
      I知 Sophia! I live in the US in Maryland. I知 a therapist specializing in anxiety and OCD-related disorders. My current characters are Nolan Ramsey, Andrew Tennant, and Elliot Phippen. I also write... more
    • All that is good with the world - Ian, Sat Feb 23 06:34
      I am Ian (Peggy in Chatzy). UK based father of two and husband to wife. I am an archer and gamer / live streamer. I知 old enough to know better but cant resist a troll - though I知 lovely and... more
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