Prof. Aaron McKindy
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Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:15

Lucien Dubois was in Astronomy class when he realized he needed some help from classmate Holland Keene and subsequently misgendered them. There was a somewhat heated exchange in which Holland and Lucien debated the finer points of gender and pronouns, resulting in Lucien storming off. After Astronomy, Holland went to talk to their friend, Emmett Lawrence about the happenings of that night. They also posted a sign in the Lyra Commons asking their housemates to tell Lucien Dubois about how they can access both the girls' and boys' dorms. Following his conversation with Holland, Emmett punched Lucien and was brought to Garen Tennant for Peer Mediation. Rose Farnon hexed Lucien in an abandoned hallway, leaving him alone with his legs locked together and birds spinning around his head, but was not caught. Frustrated and convinced that Camilla Baird was stealing his girlfriend, Francine Holtz, Lucien confronted her in the Finer Diner. The confrontation was interrupted by Professor Rob Hier before it got too out of hand. Lucien also had a conversation with Francine about the issue of Holland's gender and his treatment of them. Later, before Marissa Kendrick's Blind Date party, Lucien was jumped by EJ Carthy, who was angry about Lucien's treatment of Camilla. Ruben Lundqvist joined in for no particular reason other than to join in on a fight.

As of yet, EJ and Ruben have not been reported of their attack on Lucien.

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