Coach Gerry Reid
Quidditch Sign-ups!
Wed Jun 28, 2017 05:11

Hey all,

As we won't be writing Quidditch this term but it still exists IC, here are your sign-ups. Please specify your House and the position you want in the subject line of your message.

This post closes one week from today, when HoH speeches go up and apps close.

NPCs will be used to fill the gaps in any team.

Reserve positions can be claimed.

In general,
- claiming spots is first come, first serve except:
- player characters will be given precedence over NPCs for any given position
- older characters will be given precedence over younger characters unless there is a compelling reason not to
- Quidditch Captain for each team will go to the oldest player character who signs up for it. If there is no player character fifth year or above who signs up for a House's team, the position will go to an such time as there is a player character that meets the age requirement on the team.

Rosters will be posted next Thursday.

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