Dardanius Dubois
Some thing aren't meant to last
Sun Oct 15, 2017 16:09

Dardanius was fine.

Content, even. He liked Rachel, and hanging out with her more had been fun. His most recent date had been going pretty well, just like the others: five dates over five weeks since they came back from midterm. It was mid-morning, and they’d both been enjoying a mediocre coffee, then Rachel casually said, “Next week is Valentine’s,” and looked to him for a reaction. He expected she was merely querying if he had any specific plans in mind, but Danny’s first (and only) thought was that if he were to spend Valentine’s with anyone, it wouldn't be Rachel. He returned her gaze, and hesitated for just a split second too long, which really told both of them all they needed to know. “Wow, okay,” Rachel was actually laughing a bit, but still Danny grimaced at his lack of tact and woeful insensitivity.

The following conversation was relatively painless, considering its inevitable conclusion. Rachel had said before that she still had college interviews and essays to focus on, so Danny hadn't really expected them to date for long. He had thought maybe they'd last more than five weeks, but he wasn't all that disappointed that it was over. He felt bad for Rachel, because he did like her, but she wasn't Marissa.

It had, overall, been a positive experience. He’d hoped dating would help him figure some stuff out; in particular, that dating someone who was Not Marissa would help him decide how he felt about his friend. He'd concluded that dating someone who was Not Marissa was an idiotic waste of his time. Okay, not an entire waste, because it had been fun getting to know Rachel better, but when he considered that he could have spent all that time in Marissa’s company, instead, it did feel like the whole endeavour had been a little pointless.

Now what? Reticent to go back into school, Danny strode aimlessly down Pearl Street, hands in the pockets of his navy blue coat, worn unfastened over a fuchsia polo shirt and jeans. He had - after much deliberation - decided not to ask Marissa out in the first instance because of, well, so many reasons, but primarily just to give them some distance from each other; an alternative perspective. He knew they were still into each other, but he also knew that if they tried again, and didn’t work out, that it wouldn’t be okay - they wouldn’t revert to even the peculiar strain of friendship they’d had during sixth year. Marissa had never been about long term, and Danny was finally at peace with that. Still, that inevitably meant breaking up, right? Somewhere down the line.

He didn’t know what to do. Not dating Marissa because he wanted to avoid the break up didn’t sound logical at all. Anyway, she might not even agree to date him in the first place, considering how he’d handled relationship stuff before.

And that’s where his internal monologue halted as he looked up suddenly, just in time to avoid stepping into a familiar someone.

    • That sounds ominous - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Oct 22 00:13
      “Oh, hi.” Marissa stopped in her tracks after almost bumping into Danny on her way back to campus. She’d finished at the dance studio a while ago, which explained her current outfit. Her magenta... more
      • Once more, with feeling - Dardanius, Sun Oct 22 13:40
        “Hi,” Danny replied automatically, even while his mind went blank. She mentioned a hot date; Dardanius struggled to make sense of it - somehow it didn’t occur to him she was talking about Rachel.... more
        • Where do we go from here? - Marissa, Fri Oct 27 19:23
          Everything moved really fast, and it took her a few moments to keep up. She let him take the bag from her shoulders and enjoyed the momentary weight lifted from her shoulders. Then, he started to... more
          • We sound our victory cheer - Danny, Sat Oct 28 14:00
            He hadn’t had time to consider how she might react, as he had made his decision to ask her out in the few seconds between almost bumping into Marissa and actually voicing his proposal. He had... more
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