Marissa Kendrick
That sounds ominous
Sun Oct 22, 2017 00:13

“Oh, hi.”

Marissa stopped in her tracks after almost bumping into Danny on her way back to campus. She’d finished at the dance studio a while ago, which explained her current outfit. Her magenta leotard was just a little too chilly walking down the street, even though the weather wasn’t too bad outside, so she’d pulled a v-neck sweater over it. The sash around her waist was still visible, and she had on knitted leg warmers decorated with snowflakes over her dance tights. Holland’s charmed hair ties kept her red mane up in a messy bun, for the most part, but after her free time in the studio, plenty of curls had started to escape.

She couldn’t decide why she’d stayed at the studio later than usual that day. Either she was trying to avoid running into Danny and the date she knew he’d be on, or she was hoping to catch a peek and see how it was going. That had only happened once on her way back to Rocky Mountain International; it looked like Danny and Rachel were having a nice time. Rachel wasn’t here now, though. Either Marissa had managed to run into the Lyra right before or right after his date.

Her new dance bag tried to slip from her shoulder, and Marissa adjusted it. She kept meaning to charm it so it didn’t get as heavy, but it kept slipping her mind. Between the jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, ballet shoes, regular sneakers, and character shoes, as well as the several leotards, athletic tape and whatever else had found its way inside, gravity really wanted to take the bag from her. She adjusted it a second time and smiled up at Danny a little apologetically.

“So, uh, hot date?” She asked, even though she knew that he knew that she knew the answer already, “Or did it just finish?” Not that the answer mattered that much. “I just got out of dance class-” Duh, Marissa, look at what you’re wearing, “Obviously.”

Oh, Merlin, strike her down now. She couldn’t possibly be more awkward. The Aquila adjusted the dance bag for a third time. Their friendship had been weird all year, yeah, but this was an impressive new level of awkward. She’d never run into Danny at a yet-to-be-determined before or after date before, though. He’d probably be just as weird in her position.

  • Some thing aren't meant to last - Dardanius Dubois, Sun Oct 15 16:09
    Dardanius was fine. Content, even. He liked Rachel, and hanging out with her more had been fun. His most recent date had been going pretty well, just like the others: five dates over five weeks since ... more
    • That sounds ominous - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Oct 22 00:13
      • Once more, with feeling - Dardanius, Sun Oct 22 13:40
        “Hi,” Danny replied automatically, even while his mind went blank. She mentioned a hot date; Dardanius struggled to make sense of it - somehow it didn’t occur to him she was talking about Rachel.... more
        • Where do we go from here? - Marissa, Fri Oct 27 19:23
          Everything moved really fast, and it took her a few moments to keep up. She let him take the bag from her shoulders and enjoyed the momentary weight lifted from her shoulders. Then, he started to... more
          • We sound our victory cheer - Danny, Sat Oct 28 14:00
            He hadn’t had time to consider how she might react, as he had made his decision to ask her out in the few seconds between almost bumping into Marissa and actually voicing his proposal. He had... more
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