I don't have to do anything!
Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:15

“Have you ever considered that you’re the one with a poor sense of taste?” Kaye responded without a pause, “You’re the one who slept with Carrot Top, after all.”

She’d never understood the red-head’s appeal, especially when it came to her best friend. At least Rose and Holland made sense. They were cool and interesting and badass in their own ways. Marissa was just… girly and boring and came across as a little goody-goody. Yeah, she threw parties, but how was that impressive? Half her family seemed to be in charge of the school; she could probably get away with anything. There was no risk if you knew you weren’t getting in trouble. She imagined that the only reason Ruben got involved with Marissa was because there was no one else around at the time. Or he was bored.

Kaye also wasn’t too sure what went into an impulsive “let’s get it on” decision, either. She’d never even kissed someone, and that seemed like a really big jump.

She accepted one of the cookies without a second thought and broke it in half. It was some kind of snickerdoodle, which was arguably the best kind of cookie, and she knew she’d want the other half after she’d finished off her meal. Ruben’s teasing little rant was also met with her own roll of her eyes. Well, at least until he got to a really confusing part.

“Or, oh, I have got it, you think I asked you out. Hah!”

The eye roll turned into a confused blink, her head tilted ever so slightly to the side. “Uh, you did ask me out. It was less than an hour ago. I wanted to take a nap and you decided we had to come here. Remember?” She paused. “What’d we talk about when you came to visit, anyway?” Kaye remembered nothing of his visit, which sucked. Some of her favorite things involve spending time with Ruben, so not remembering one of those times was the worst. Especially when he’d given her presents.

  • Well you don't have to listen! - Ruben, Tue Oct 17 21:10
    The expression on Kaye’s face when she tasted his soup made him crack up, a loud laugh bursting out. It was a good thing that he’d already swallowed his most recent faceful of bread, because... more
    • I don't have to do anything! - Kaye, Sun Oct 22 10:15
      • Oh good, so we're in agreement - Ruben, Sun Oct 22 17:18
        Ruben snorted into his coffee. “Ouch.” Poor Marissa. She was nice, but not in an unbearable way, and had a damn fine body, and yet somehow she’d wound up on Kaye’s bad side. Or maybe those reasons he ... more
        • Not sure I agree with that. - Kaye, Thu Oct 26 21:37
          Oh, son of a Banshee. Kaye couldn’t remember when she started having a crush on Ruben. The first time they met, on Pearl Street, there had been some hard core flirting. It was actually a very similar ... more
          • Whoops, that piece of bread seemed to have been the last finger in the dam. Ruben blinked once at the bread bowl, observing the quantity of soup now beginning to rush out of the side where his hungry ... more
            • Kaye desperately wanted to reach over and knock the bread out of Ruben’s hand. She hated being confused. She hated not being the one in the know. Not knowing how her own feelings were working right... more
              • Impossible - Ruben, Sun Oct 29 22:26
                Kaye stopped glaring at him after his apology. He didn’t really mind either way (glaring was not an unwelcome behaviour to the Swede) but it was good to know that she’d been listening and took him... more
                • Don't you mean "I'm Possible" - Kaye, Tue Oct 31 20:39
                  Of course, that was the part he took hold of. Kaye rolled her eyes and waved her hand, as if trying to dismiss it. Her not being kissed before probably wasn’t a big deal. She was probably the only... more
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