Once more, with feeling
Sun Oct 22, 2017 13:40

“Hi,” Danny replied automatically, even while his mind went blank. She mentioned a hot date; Dardanius struggled to make sense of it - somehow it didn’t occur to him she was talking about Rachel. He’d been in a cloud of overthinking, and to have it suddenly interrupted by the subject of his cyclical, repetitive thoughts was disorienting. Her comments about his date were therefore easier to ignore than to address in the current moment; thankfully his brain could process her being in dancewear and heading away from the studio.

“I know,” he said with an easy smile. He was as familiar with Marissa’s schedule as well as his own - he always knew where to find her without thinking about it. Perhaps he had ended up here by the virtue of subconscious direction? Danny reached out and took the cumbersome bag from her shoulder, throwing it over his, instead. “And the date is finished. We’re finished, in fact.”

While he was sort of on the topic, Danny said, “Can I - um there's something I want to ask you.” He certainly hadn’t planned to bring the matter up with her so soon - literally minutes after breaking up with Rachel - but if he didn't say this right now he stood every chance of dancing around it until it was too late… if it wasn't too late already. “I just - I know you and I, we’ve … basically I've messed everything up. Repeatedly.” Well this wasn't going exactly as Danny would have planned, if he’d had time to plan it; he barely had any idea what he was inarticulately conveying, so he didn't expect Marissa was following very well. He took a scant second to remember what he’d wanted to say. “But I still really like you. More than anyone.” Good, that was better. He’d finally said something worth saying.

“Sorry, this … maybe I should have practised.” Danny laughed half-heartedly at himself, even while his thoughts berated him, Stop rambling and get to the point. “Um, okay, so here's the thing. Next week is Valentine’s Day, and I've never done a thing for that before.” Not because he was boycotting a commercial holiday or any other reason people might choose not to do a thing, but simply because he’d never had anyone to do something with. “If I'm going to do a thing with anyone, then it has to be you.” That was putting a bit more pressure on her than he’d really intended, so he thought he ought to clarify.

“I don't really expect you to, because of, well, all the things.” Because I've already turned you down twice even though I like you and you've made it pretty clear that you like me; because less than two months ago I tried to kiss you and you turned me down; because our friendship has been weird but maybe it was getting back on track; because of everything to do with Ruben; because of all the other reasons we’re not together already. “But okay, so I was thinking. We try Valentine's Day. One holiday, one excuse for saying what we should spend every day saying.” That's what he’d understood about this particular celebration. “And if you hate it, if you don't want to get into all this mess another time, then that's completely fine, I won't bother you with this ever again.” It would take everything he had, but he promised himself this was the last time. He hated putting Marissa through misery every time he tried to start something with her and then inevitably giving up on it, but he couldn't give up completely without one final attempt.

This was it, the last shot. “And if you don't hate it, then I will spend every day, for as long as you can tolerate me, doing whatever I can to make us work. I really, really want this to happen.” Ineloquent, perhaps, but he'd finally said something worth hearing. “What… what do you think?”

  • That sounds ominous - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Oct 22 00:13
    “Oh, hi.” Marissa stopped in her tracks after almost bumping into Danny on her way back to campus. She’d finished at the dance studio a while ago, which explained her current outfit. Her magenta... more
    • Once more, with feeling - Dardanius, Sun Oct 22 13:40
      • Where do we go from here? - Marissa, Fri Oct 27 19:23
        Everything moved really fast, and it took her a few moments to keep up. She let him take the bag from her shoulders and enjoyed the momentary weight lifted from her shoulders. Then, he started to... more
        • We sound our victory cheer - Danny, Sat Oct 28 14:00
          He hadn’t had time to consider how she might react, as he had made his decision to ask her out in the few seconds between almost bumping into Marissa and actually voicing his proposal. He had... more
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